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Although the importance of increasing access to education should not be devalued, reproducing existing materials is unlikely to improve educational quality.

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And why is there so much importance placed on educating today's students with modern technology?

thesis title for technology and livelihood education .

If the teacher has a reoriented view of education that is student-centered, the teacher will focus on how intensely the student has engaged the content, not on how well the stack is "programmed." The teacher will emphasize (and evaluate) how well the student has become both a researcher and explorer due to the availability of the computing tool.

thesis title for technology and livelihood education .

The most obvious technology that has reached this phase of adoption in education is the book and its derivatives, such as worksheets and other handouts.

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Technology in education is often perceived in terms of how many computers or videocassette recorders are in a classroom and how they might be used to support traditional classroom activities, but this is a misleading and potentially dangerous interpretation.

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Most people outside education probably think teachers spend most of their time teaching, but teachers are responsible for many tasks that have little to do with classroom instruction.

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The traditional role of technology in education is necessarily limited to the first three phases, whereas contemporary views hold the promise to reach the Evolution phase.

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In this phase, the learner becomes the subject rather than the object of education.

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This chapter will try to present ways in which educational technology may be useful to teachers given current classroom conditions as well as how it might influence the course that many schools may chart in the future.