(2014) Semantic data visualization using HTML5. EngD thesis.

Artificial Neural Network model should be generated for both electrode geometry and various electrode materials to compare the influence of both in EDM.

Key words: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), MRR, Surface Roughness, Tool Geometry

[1] Kamlesh V.

Thesis On Computer Network Security


thesis Specifically, semantic networks were conceived.

In this research work a supply chain network model isdesigned, it expresses the expected annual logistics management cost and an optimal path is selected with keeping in mind with future technological, political, seasonal constraints.

Key words: Logistics, Recycling, Optimization, Network model, Cost minimization


The link prediction problem for socialnetworks.

We bring out the Ant colony Optimization (ACO), a behavior under Ant network in In-Line dot Routing which is used to find the shortest path and the correct path of the server and alsoprovides solutions for getting response without reaching the server and data delivery.

Key words: Ant Network in In-Line dot Routing (ANILR), Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), Roaming Agent Informers (RAI), Path Detectors (PD) Better Optimization Routing Process (BORP).

[1] Beckers R., Deneubourg J.L.

The latter approach is close to the strongly semanticapproach, to which we shall now turn.

Through the eye of the PLC: semantic security monitoring for ..

In a nutshell, we have seen that, following IRP, the less probableor possible p is the more semantic information p isassumed to be carrying. This explains why most philosophers agree thattautologies convey no information at all, for their probability orpossibility is 1. But it also leads one to consider contradictions— which describe impossible states, or whose probability is 0— as the sort of messages that contain the highest amount ofsemantic information. It is a slippery slope. Make a statement less andless likely and you gradually increase its informational content, butat certain point the statement “implodes” (in the quotationbelow, it becomes “too informative to be true”).

Semantic Network of Concepts in Adaptive e-Learning

The modal approach further modifies the probabilisticapproach by defining semantic information in terms of modal space andin/consistency. The information conveyed by p becomes the setof all possible worlds, or (more cautiously) the set of all thedescriptions of the relevant possible states of the universe, that areexcluded by p.

However, it may be possible to improve the network Congestion by using directional antennas.

The concept of a semantic network is now fairly old in the ..

To have an intuitive sense of the approach, let us return to ourexample. Recall the telephone conversation with the mechanic. In Figure2, the wife is the informer, the mechanic is theinformee, “the battery is flat” is the (semantic)message (the informant), there is a coding and decodingprocedure through a natural language (English), a channel ofcommunication (the telephone system) and some possible noise. Informerand informee share the same background knowledge about the collectionof usable symbols (technically known as the alphabet; in theexample this is English).

In the ending section an abstract idea isproposed on basis of network architecture and matchmaking algorithm todevelop Open Terminological System.

defense: semantic social network analysis;

Information is notoriously a polymorphic phenomenon and a polysemanticconcept so, as an explicandum, it can be associated withseveral explanations, depending on the level of abstraction adoptedand the cluster of requirements and desiderata orientating atheory. The reader may wish to keep this in mind while reading thisentry, where some schematic simplifications and interpretativedecisions will be inevitable. Claude E. Shannon, for one, was verycautious:

However, the networks in social media are normally of colossal size, involving hundreds of thousands of users with different environments.

12 Semantic information and the network theory of account; ..

In these cases, whenever there are no possible models that satisfy astatement or a theory, instead of assigning to it the maximum quantityof semantic information, three strategies have been suggested: