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The electron withdrawing ability of halogen atoms makethe porphyrin ring electrophilic, which explained the binding of(F20TPP)Zn with fullerene derivatives having the highest bindingconstant around 105M-1 .

Proto-porphyrin is then combined with iron to form heme.

The HOMO and LUMO was found to be located on the porphyrin and fullereneentities, respectively.

legislation of Porphyrin and Heme Biosyn­ thesis

We are exploring avenues to organize functional molecular entities into larger ensembles by using self-assembly and coordination polymers. For example, we have investigated the electron transfer behaviour through a ditopic carbene and have assembled such materials into one-dimensional polymers that can, in principal, serve as molecular wires for shuttling electrons. In an alternative approach, self-assembly in solution has been utilized to arrange complexes with a spin-labile iron center into larger aggregates, which induces cooperative spin transitions in solution. The transition temperature is predictable based on the molecular recognition units that are available for self-assembly. In a next step, we aim at transferring these aggregates onto supports, for example by using Langmuir-Blodgett techniques (collaborations with S. Brooker, Otago U; G. Morgan, UCD; T. Gunnlaugsson, TCD).

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Synthesis of functionalized porphyrin building blocks for the construction of novel unsymmetrical covalently linked porphyrin dyads and pentads.

Molecular electronic properties of porphyrin nanowires. PhD Thesis, Cardiff University.

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Furthermore, contrary to the case of free porphyrin, our results demonstrated that the spectrophotometric properties of porphyrin-polymer supramolecular assemblies are independent of pH.

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Furthermore, our ITC results revealed that the formation of porphyrin-polymer supramolecular assemblies is entropically favored with respect to porphyrin self-aggregation. |

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Here, we have investigated the effect of the polymer polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) on the spectrophotometric behavior of tetraanionic meso-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin (TPPS).

The oxidations of a selected group of free base and metallo- porphyrins were also studied.

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ABSTRACT: A mesoinic pyridylideneamide ligand (PYA) was synthetized and fully characterized and coordinated to an iridium(III) center. This ligand represents the first example of a mesoionic N-donor ligand. Structural and spectroscopic analysis revealed unique properties which were exploited in chemically driven water oxidation catalysis.

The notable acception to this generalization was the instability of the cation radical of the strapped porphyrins used in this work.


Now, I have begun to work on different research projects :
- Molecular wrapping : I make a ultrathin silica layer around a helical polymer
- MCM nanoparticles synthesis : I try to synthesize a mesostructured phase containing a trapped protein
- Use of peptide fragment of cytochrome C containing covalently linked porphyrin
- Prussian/blue organoclay systems
- And others interesting projects
The characterization of these materials involves analytical techniques like XRD, IR etc.

Also, the oxidation products of several porphyrins were monitored by thin-layer spectroelectrochemistry.

Porphyrin probes for xanthine oxidase

To characterize strength and stoichiometry of the resulting porphyrin-polymer supramolecular assemblies, we performed isothermal-titration-calorimetry (ITC) measurements at neutral pH.