Journal of Polymers and the Environment.

The study showed that modifying this techniqueby injecting different types of solvents before polymer injection can significantlyimprove the potential of this technology in heavy oil reservoirs and the applicabilityof polymer flooding is not limited to light oil reservoirs.

Example of better sweep efficiency due to polymer flooding

Alternating polymer flooding with a hydrocarbon solventimproved the overall recovery factor.

Thesis On Polymer Flooding - VirtualMetrix

According to the obtained results, the best type of reactor as well as the optimal conditions for the depolymerisation stage was chosen.

Key words: Batch reactor, Depolymerisation,Lactide, Optimal conditions, Rotary film evaporator.

[1] Shoemaker, S.

Thesis On Polymer Flooding - walltalkers

Depolymerisation experiments were performed in three types of reactors, the influence of temperature and residual pressure on the yield of by-product - meso-lactide and on productivity of reactor was determined.

Therefore, a greater decrease in the pressure profile of the polymerflooding was observed.

Polymer Flooding Videos - Reservoir Sweep Improvement

Subsequently, the polymerisation phenomenon was generated as a result of creation of aluminosilicate compounds, then generation a more uniform area among the composite's particles.

Key words: Consolidation, Lime Stabilisation, EDS, SEM, XRD.

[1] Amiralian, S., A.

Below is a collection of polymer flooding videos

The paper presents an algorithm to build each peer with Delaunay links incrementally based on random peer information returned from P2P network querying or accessing the same content signifying a live feed.

Polymer flooding in EOR can be used as the following ..

The work presents the optical properties of this conducting polymer for making it a suitable candidate for optoelectronic devises.

Key words: Chemical Oxidative polymerization, Optical conductivity, Absorption Coefficient, Extinction Coefficient, Refractive Index.

[1] H.

ASP process is considered as a promising method for enhanced oil recovery.

urn:nbn:no:ntnu:diva-25562 : POLYMER FLOODING

Orthogonal arrays of Taguchi, the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio, the analysis of one way variance (ANOVA), and regression analyses are employed to find the optimal process parameter levels and to analyze the effect of these parameters on percent yield of Polypyrrole salt.

Key words: Taguchi optimization method; inverted emulsion polymerization; ANOVA; organic semiconductors; Polypyrrole; Percent Yield

[1] Kanatzidis M.G.

Developing a workflow for a study of polymer flooding in heterogeneous reservoirs

Study of Alkaline/Polymer Flooding for Heavy-Oil …

Properties of polymer and surfactant phase behavior were measured and modeled and each coreflood was history matched with UTCHEM, a three-dimensional chemical flooding simulator.

Simulation of the polymer injection is then employed from a nearby well.

A study of offshore viscous oil production by polymer flooding

In this paper the generation of geodesic forms is solved in two stages.

Key words: Formex algebra, Formian, Geodesic Forms, Polyhedric forms, retronorms

[1] H.