then the estimation of channel.

According to the obtained results, the best type of reactor as well as the optimal conditions for the depolymerisation stage was chosen.

Key words: Batch reactor, Depolymerisation,Lactide, Optimal conditions, Rotary film evaporator.

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The climate context (Sudanian zone) justify cottonproduction program.

It was found that ethyl acetate and hexane extract possess bacterial growth inhibition where as methanol extract having antibacterial activity only on higher concentration and the extract is separated by TLC and silica gel preparative chromatography to fractionate bioactive constituents.

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This work may not be repostedwithout the explicit permission of the copyright holders.

The diagonal wind has been found to be the maximum for towers.

The proposed code can correct 16 symbol errors.

Key words: Product code, NAND flash controller memory, correction error code ,FPGA; Reedsolomon code.


This make the control of BLDC motor in all four quadrant very vital.

From the results of the experiments, mathematical models have been developed to study the effect of process parameters on tensile strength and percent elongation.

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It is observed that the micropolar fluid helps in the reduction of drag forces and also act as a cooling agent.

Key words: Micropolar fluid, Mixed convection, Stagnation point, Stretching sheet, Radiation, Mass transfer, MHD .

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Such kind of specific arrangement produces a particular spatial pattern of dominant orientations and scales that can be described using Gabor filter as it gives the local estimate of frequency content in an image.

If tracked image is matched with the existing database.

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When people use the Internet, they have certain expectations.

To correct multiple random errors and burst errors in order, The composing of product code in tocolumn-wise RS codes and row-wise RS codes may allow to decode multiple errors beyond their error correction capability.