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The purpose of this paper is to use a Mat lab simulation of OFDM to see how the Bit Error Ratio (BER) of a transmission varies when Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N Ratio) and Multi propagation effects are changed on transmission channel.

Key words: BER, ISI, OFDM, S/N

[1] Sinem Coleri,Mustafa Ergen," Channel Estimation Techniques Based on Pilot Arrangement in OFDM Systems," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, "vol.

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(2010) OFDM synchronization for the MIMO testbed.Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems, Rev.

New Companding Transform for PAPR Reduction in OFDM.

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PAPR and ICI Reduction Techniques for OFDM Based SatelliteTechniques for OFDM Based Satellite Communication Systems Emad Al-Dalakta Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne, UK A thesis submitted for theOfdm systems and papr reduction techniques in - Semantic ScholarThis is to certify that the thesis entitled “OFDM Systems and PAPR Reduction various methods to reduce the PAPR in the system so that this system can bepeak to average power ratio (papr) reduction in ofdm based - DiVASystems This dissertation proposes a novel non-contiguous OFDM (NC- results for PAPR reduction shows that higher modulation techniques are better

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The analysis has been carried out with simulation studies under MATLAB environment.

Key words: BER, Doppler Frequency, OFDM, Pilot Carrier

[1] A.

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Pawan Sharma and Seema Verma, ” Reducing PAPR of OFDM based wireless systems using companding with convolutional codes”, International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems (IJDPS) Vol.2, No.6, November 2011.


Improved PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems: ..

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division multiple-access (OFDM-IDMA) in this thesis, Simulations of OFDM systems can be carried out in time domain or more efficiently.
MIMO-OFDM COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS: CHANNEL ESTIMATION AND WIRELESS LOCATION A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State.
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