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Stress or arousal are some complexes of physiological responses to this kind of intrusive lower-level noise. The consequences of these reactions are increased blood pressure, alteration in heart rate or rhythm, increase in the level of cholesterol, or abnormal secretion of particular hormones. Reactions of stress are particularly common and more severe especially when the irritating stimulus is integrated with a sense that there is no escaping from it and nothing can be done about it. It is however not firmly established whether individuals who live in noisy environments suffer these consequences. What is apparent, however, is that they hold an extremely negative opinion about their environment and would rather seek a more quiet neighborhood. Various European studies indicate that individuals who live near noisy airports exhibit characteristics of cardiovascular and circulatory problems than those who live away from earshot. Children who live near Los Angeles airport also record higher than average blood pressures (Agarwal, 2005). The indication of such studies is that noisy environments pose certain health risks.

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Generally, sounds can be classified as musical or noises. When a sound produces desirable effect on the ear, it is referred to as musical. On the other hand, when it irritates and produces a jarring effect, it is called noise. Ordinary sounds are not musical even though they may not be classified as noise or irregular sounds. Noises are sounds of complex nature with irregular amplitudes and periods. Irregular sounds are everywhere and this leads to noise pollution. Noise pollution is concentrated in urban regions where every kind of activity takes place. The modern civilization has led to the creation of more noise.

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A popular definition of noise holds it to be any loud, discordant, or disagreeable sound. However, a sound does not necessarily have to be loud in order to be annoying or bothersome. Any unwanted sound is noise with the experience possessing both psychological and physical component. The beginning of sound is the movement of molecules. Any vibrating objects sets in the surrounding environment alternating bands of compression and expansion. These vibrations, when they hit the ear drum, are transmitted to hair cells in the inner ear. These hair cells are very delicate cells. They convert these vibrations to another code which is then transmitted to the temporal lobe of the brain. It is here that the process of sound decoding is started so that information, pleasure or irritation can be extracted.

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Noise is one of the most pervasive and possibly destructive disturbances that many individuals often overlook. It has the potential of damaging human health, decreasing the quality of the living environment and minimizing the enjoyment of leisure time activities. Frequency content or bandwidth of a sound, duration, presence of pure tones or transients, intermittency, time of day or location always affect an individual’s response to sound. Again, this response may also be affected by the physical and mental state of the hearer. Therefore, the sound of a hooting car, rock music, or the roar of a waterfall, as much as they may be high in decibels, can turn out to be enjoyable and stimulating. This however depends on how tuned an individual is. Noise is a sound that does not possess any agreeable musical quality. It is noticeably harsh, loud and discordant. Noise is very dangerous when loud, irregular and not expected.

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Sound has the potential of damaging human tissue since it is a form of energy. The sound sensing hair are particularly vulnerable to damage. The physical consequence of loud sounds is therefore hearing impairment. Hair cells can be damaged by a single explosive noise even though the loss of hearing is mostly a consequence of continual exposure to volumes of over eighty to ninety decibels. The decibel is the standard unit measurement of sound. One decibel is the smallest sound that can be perceived by human ear in a quiet surrounding. The majority of individuals working in production industries are exposed to eighty to ninety decibels of noise and as a result, a large percentage of them have detectable hearing loss. Human annoyance threshold, according to the Conservation Foundation, is from fifty to ninety decibels. As such, anything above eighty decibels is likely to bring discomfort. There are sufficient evidence that indicate that hair cells are probably the only part of the human body that suffer physically from exposure to audible sound (Khopkar, 2004). However, there are possibilities that intense noise may pose certain dangers to the fetuses of pregnant women.

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