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Because working night shift interferes with normal circadian rhythms, thus suppressing immune system function and reducing the production of melatonin.


There are many ways to increase safety while working the night shift.

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Studies have link the night shift to adverse health risks and increase safe risks.

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"AI systems are already being given significant autonomous decision-making power in high-stakes situations, sometimes with little or no immediate human supervision. It is important that such systems be robust to noisy or shifting environments, misspecified goals, and faulty implementations, so that such perturbations don't cause the system to take ...

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Description: Japan had a devastating nuclear accident. Just four years later, no one seems to care or discuss it. How can we begin to talk about it again? The design solution is . YUBIKIRI, which means pinky promise in Japanese, presents information about seventeen simple actions including exchanging an incandescent bulb with a LED one to contribute to shifting toward sustainable energy. The contributors pick the action that they want to commit to, and upload a picture of their finger art through Instagram or Twitter with #yubikirime or by mail.

There are many night shift safety issues here are some ways to improve them.

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I was practicing task 2 essay and feel fine with it….until I saw this article. If I begin with :
“Living in the era where advanced technology play significant role in the world, computers are expected to shift people’s role in various job field.”
as the FIRST sentence (it still less than 50 words in total with thesis statement combined), is it still considered to be overused/expression as per you said in point number 2 and 3?

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(2) Employees should watch their diet while working night shift, the digestive process is effected by working the night shift, studies show that night shift workers has a higher risk at gastrointestinal problems.

Studies show that working night shift increases the risk of breast and colon cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

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(3) To improve alertness levels for night shift workers employers can ensure that the work area is well lit and kept cool but comfortable.


If people wish to work at night and sleep during the day the best way to shift circadian rhythm is to have bright lights at night and darkness during the day.

This shift is one that will not only impact the people in the nation, but will also impact the way that education is viewed.

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Clean meat has many advantages over animal meat (see below), especially in terms of environmental impacts. As people and institutions started to care about the environment, there has been a huge shift in interest towards biofuels in order to protect the environment. This elicited its own pros and cons, but ...

If night shift workers keep the same schedule and have the same consecutive days off that helps with the circadian rhythm.

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It is amazing how much we seem to have lost the ability to truly look, listen and feel in our society. Yet, if we pay close attention, we can see that the night sky provides us with a clue to the path back. We have the ability to quieten our mind and reach a gentle and powerful presence. We sense that a present mind gives us access to deeper perspectives and insights. Our minds become highly receptive and truly see what is in front of us. It understands our own predicament and that of other's—it can read the very book of life!