Thesis on micropropagation of banana

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Malbhog for production of quality planting material

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Date of public examination: 29/09/2017

Thus, an attempt was made to standardize efficient and rapid micropropagation protocol which will be useful in expanding area under cultivation of Malbhog banana.

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Irrigate immediately after planting; give life irrigation after 4 days; subsequent irrigations are to be given once in a week for garden land bananas and once in 10 – 15 days for wetlands. Irrigate the fields copiously after every manure application. Use drip irrigation @ 5-10 litres/plant/day from planting to 4th month, 10-15 litres/plant/day from 5th to shooting and 15 litres /plant/day from shooting to till 15 days prior to harvest.

The conventional method of vegetative propagation in banana is by means of daughter sucker.
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Date of public examination: 26/09/2016

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Date of public examination: 30/06/2016

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Date of public examination: 30/06/2017

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