The balance appears above for a cycle time of 5 seconds.

Assembly lines are flow-line production systems which are of great importance in the industrial production of high quantity standardized commodities and more recently even gained importance in low volume production of customized products.

5) Assembly line balancing problem in clothing industry.

Line Balancing for Improving Apparel Production by Operator Skill Matrix

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The study is to assign each of these tasks on workstations for maximumefficiency in the manufacture of T-shirts and with the objective of minimizing thenumber of workstations on the line.

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The project addresses a study of a manufacturing line of T-shirts for men,consisting of forty-three activities, with precedence relationships among thetasks.

A considerate line manager would like to take into account all these factors.

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These are important for an efficient operation of mixed-model assembly lines.

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In addition to the standard line balancing problem, precedence and cycle time constraints, blocks compatibility and parallelism constraints are taken into account.

It is based on a reduction of the transfer line balancing problem to a set partitioning problem.

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This paper represents the use of some tools and techniques for improving apparel sewing section efficiency throughout the production process. Now a day’s apparel manufacturing industries are trying to develop their current production system and situation and continuously looking for new production tools and techniques in order to keep swiftness with the rapid changes of trend in consumers of apparel products. To deal with the recent problems & challenges industries have to improve production efficiency & productivity; reduce lead time, ensuring proper quality requirements. There is no doubt that sewing section in an apparel industry is the most momentous and teeming department that plays a vital role in the whole firm. To improve the existing situation of this section and increasing productivity time study is a very effective technique. In time study, Standard Minute Value (SMV) has been calculated for each operation or job. Based on this technique each operators capacity is measured and balanced to eliminate the bottlenecks. Here, by applying these techniques significant improvements in the sewing section have been achieved such as SMV, man power, bottle neck, capacity achievable, production/hr, performance rating, balance % and line efficiency. The findings can be extended to similar apparel industries in future. General overviews to these works are presented in this paper.

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