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Compare Contrast Sample Essay - Television Vs Books Essay Sentence type Structure Books were the first medium to give people information on a Television Vs Books.

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I walk into a bookstore with delight as I take a moment to inhale the aroma of knowledge. Walking through the rows, with my head tilted sideways, I select whichever book piques my interest. Quickly, I turn it over in my hands and look at the back cover for a description. Then, as if there’s a methodical ritual to my decision, I flip open its cover, peruse the front page and mingle with the copyright and introduction. Just before making a final decision, I read the first paragraph to see if I am interested in making it mine or just borrowing it for a short time.

The printed book is far from dead.

In addition to the artistry ingrained within a book, it’s a renewable resource. Renew, reused or recycled, books do not require a battery to be enjoyed; you can access it whenever you want. And for a one-time fee, the knowledge belongs to you, forever, because books, if taken care of, can last a lifetime. These written treasures can not only be loaned to family and friends but passed down through generations.

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The film industry seems like a good comparison in how the mediums don't compete as much as capture different markets. Diehard fans go to the theater and buy Blu-rays, regular fans go to theater now and then and maybe rent from iTunes, and casual fans just watch whatever happens to come to Netflix or Redbox. It's easy to imagine diehard readers buying special editions or hardcovers, while regular readers get the paperback or e-book, and readers who don't care as much about specific authors will buy whatever e-books go on sale.

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Despite the regular hyping of enhanced e-books/hypertext/apps/interactive books, I don't see those going anywhere outside of a few specific markets like children's books and textbooks. The problem is that we already have a whole industry devoted to interactive narratives: video games. Art forms survive by figuring out what makes them unique, not by trying to emulate other mediums.

Libraries numerous different kinds of books, the difference and similarities between the internet.

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And what about these "Netflix for books" services? People have been predicting their ascendance for some time, but I'm still skeptical. A big part of how Netflix works is by having a ton of crappy films and shows that casual viewers would never pay movie ticket prices for but will watch for no additional charge. My guess is that there are fewer readers like that, and people who do read that way can fill that need with extremely cheap used books or self-published e-books (thousands of which can be gotten for between .00 and $2.99). Unless these services figure out how to offer something new — exclusive content à la Netflix? — they won't be a major force.