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Conducting and co-ordinating research spanning diverse environments
The increasing diversity of the sociocultural and economic environment in which research is being conducted, impliesthat international marketing researchers will need to develop the capability to conduct and co-ordinate researchspanning a brand range of environmental contexts and research questions. In essence, researchers will need to beable to tailor research questions, and adapt research instruments and administration procedures to different environments,as well as to interpret or generalize results at a pan-cultural or global level. This goes beyond geographic co-ordinationof multi-country studies, translation and development of multilingual questionnaires or research instruments, andrequires skills in designing multi-site studies that include a common core and purpose, while at the same timeaddressing country-specific issues (Douglas and Craig, 1997).
At a first level, skills in designing multi-site studies in diverse environmentswill increasingly be required. Here, although the key research questions are clearly identified and common acrosssites, attention needs to be paid to how constructs are operationalized, research instruments designed, and samplingand data collection conducted at each site. The definition of product categories may, for example, differ as wellas brand availability, the nature of the retail environment, or more insidiously, the socio-cultural context ofconsumption. Constructs or definitions used in one context are not necessarily appropriate in another. Researchinstruments, data collection or sampling procedures may incorporate bias, requiring reformulation or adaptationto ensure meaningful results (Craig and Douglas, 2000).
Use of a team incorporating members from different cultural backgrounds andsites helps to strike a balance between the need for local input and adaptation to local site conditions with theneed for comparability and equivalence across sites. Researchers from each site should participate in the earlystages of research design and in the interpretation of data and results, rather than merely acting as local implementersof a centrally designed study. They can then provide input in the formulation of research questions and the designof the research instrument as well as in sampling and data collection procedures. Equally, local researchers arebest placed to interpret findings from their sites in terms of local contextual factors, and to explain local anomaliesor differences.
At a higher or "supra-country" level, skills and capabilities indesigning and managing a research program which spans multiple, diverse environments are likely to become increasinglycritical. A research program might, for example, cover a product business or industry worldwide. If the productbusiness is at different stages of the product life-cycle in different regions or market conditions differ substantially,as, for example, detergents, different types of research or information will need to be collected. Ability to definerelevant research issues in each context, and to coordinate and manage the different studies, will be criticalto provide meaningful input for the development of the firm�s long-run strategy in world markets.

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