Higher education institutions may launch joint curricula.


Finalisation of the long-term higher education is accomplished through an exam – examen de licenţă organised based on the general criteria established by the The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports.

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The exam commissions are established through decision of the rector of the higher education institution organizing the exams, based on the propositions of the faculty, college or department councils.

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A person who has completed professional higher education study is issued free of charge a Diploma Supplement in English by the educational institution.

Two types of institutions operate: universities and institutions of professional higher education.

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Admission requirements

Admission to higher education for every cycle of academic studies – first degree (bachelor), master, and doctorate – is organised based on the admission methodology of each university, with the observance of the legislation in force.

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A person who has completed Master’s study may, under the conditions established by the Minister of Education and Research, be awarded a diploma cum laude.


Branches of Study

Master-degree studies aims at extending competences into several fields of the long-term higher education specialisation graduated.


The exam commission has to comprise at least three members with doctorate degrees and the chair has to be a professor or a lecturer.

Programmes outside the Bachelor and Master Structure

The post-university programs offered by the Romanian educational system are:

a) Post-Ph.D.

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Persons who have completed study based on integrated curricula of Bachelor’s and Master’s study are, after completion of the full curriculum, awarded a diploma certifying completion of the curriculum or the awarded academic degree together with an academic transcript, and are issued free of charge a diploma supplement in English by the educational institution.

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The final curricula for each subject are elaborated by the higher education institutions departments according to these specific standards, analysed by the departments’ councils, and approved by university senates.

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Curricula are established autonomously by the higher education institutions, according to the national strategies for higher education development and the national academic standards.