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The recognition rate of character using template matching method is 97%.

Thesis On Face Recognition Using Matlab

Moon, "Biometrics Person Authentication Usingm Projection-Based Face Recognition System in Verification Scenario," in International Conference on Bioinformatics and its Applications.

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This paper presents an efficient algorithm for iris recognition using phase-based image matching.

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This approach of combining both adaptive smoothing & feature extraction gives better results (approximately 75-100) and expected outcomes.

Key words: character recognition, featuresExtraction, adaptive Smoothing, Imagesegmentation, pattern matching, Image Pixel Rating

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Optical character recognition is a type of document analysis where a scanned document image that contains either machine printed or handwritten script is input to an OCR software engine, is translated into editable, machine-readable digital text format.

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Over the summers, I've been lucky to be an intern with and at Facebook Applied Machine Learning, at Microsoft Research Redmond, and at Disney Research Pittsburgh.

Nakajima, "An efficient iris recognition algorithm using phasebased image matching," Proc.

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Sharma, knearest Neighbor based Offline Handwritten Gurumukhi Character Recognition, International Conference on Complex Image Information processing 2011(ICIIP)
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Iris recognition is divided into four steps, viz Image Acquisition, Preprocessing, Feature Extraction and Matching.

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In this paper we used PDE for measure the regularization using Euler's function.

Key words: —Disparity estimation, Variational method, Partial differential Equation, Surface reconstruction

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“Face Recognition System Based on Eigenfaces using Matlab”, Thesis…

We are also including facial recognition which automatically identifies the person by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database.