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Kirchman JJ, EE Schirtzinger & TF Wright. 2012. Phylogenetic relationships of the extinct Carolina Parakeet () inferred from DNA sequence data. – , 129: 197‐204

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An engagingly illustrated update on DNA barcoding (Scientific American, Oct 2008)

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AtpF-atpH, matK, rbcL, rpoB, rpoC1, psbA-trnH not suitable rabbet Cymbidium DNA barcoding study is not suitable to do closer Orchidaceae fast Radiation differentiation within groups DNA barcoding study.

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Andersen MJ, Oliveros CH, Filardi CE, Moyle RG. 2013. Phylogeography of the variable dwarf-kingfisher Ceyx lepidus (Aves: Alcedinidae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences. Auk 130: 118–131.

Banker, H.J. (1912). Type Studies in the Hydnaceae: II. The Genus Steccherinum. Mycologia 4(6): 309-318.

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Worldwide plant parasites such a cyst, root knot and lesion nematodes have a major impact on crops. Without exception plant parasitic nematodes are a minority within the nematode community, the majority plays essential roles in the soil food web. Environmentally friendly and durable ways to control or manage plant parasitic nematodes are invariably knowledge intensive; we need to know exactly what plant parasites are present and it is highly desirable to know this early. Recently, we have collected DNA sequences from virtually all major plant parasitic nematode species, and are currently developing early identification & warning systems.

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These DNA barcoding-based tools will be developed in the framework of a cooperation between Nematology and a company. It is very likely that your results will have (practical) impact.

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sequence data also permits the analysis of methylated bases within the sequence, which can be extremely helpful to the scientific community. For example, the precise positions of those modified bases can be used to determine the specificity of the DNA methyltransferases that produced them. The PacBio analysis suite contains an analysis workflow (RS_Modification_and_Motif_Analysis) to extract these sequences and produce several files:

Due to the characteristics of the plants themselves, their DNA barcode fragments still not reached a consistency point of view.

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Free form text describing the protocol by which the sequencing library was constructed. Please include protocols of DNA fragmentation, ligation and enrichment. If a library preparation kit is used, include the name and version (if any) of the kit (for example, Illumina Nextera DNA Library Preparation Kit).

Banker, H.J. (1913). Type Studies in the Hydnaceae: V. The Genus Hydnellum. Mycologia 5(4): 194-205.

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The DRA metadata submission tool cannot describe technical reads (adapter, primer and barcode sequences). "To submit raw data contain technical reads" and "To use metadata elements in the but not in the submission tool", .

Banker, Howard J. (1913). Type Studies in the Hydnaceae: III. The Genus Sarcodon. Mycologia 5: 1. 12-17.

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DNA barcoding is the best identification tool for medicinal plants species which whenaccepted for use will completely eliminate misidentification and help in the properdocumentation of medicinal plants species.