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In the 30s Billie Holiday and Lester Young recorded a series of memorable sides together. "He's Funny That Way," "Travlin' All Alone" and "Easy Livin," are just a few. This edition of Riverwalk Jazz touches on their musical collaboration and the personal friendship between these two titans of jazz.

In 1925 Billie Holiday went to The House of God catholic school.

Stuart Nicholoson’s Billie Holiday works from different sources andadopts a different tone.

Famous works Awards Death Billie Holiday had chronic liver disease.

Length wise, these songs are on the longer side, “Lover Man” being 6:42 and perfect for individual contemplation. James seems to be legislating Billie Holiday to his time, in enough length to explore his thesis: that this blues woman could sing all sorts of songs, including pop.

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Does Nicholson (and do all of us) use Billie Holiday’s life as a text forinterpreting her music?

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For Billie Holiday singing was a way to survive. Born poor and black in Baltimore around 1915, she grew up in Harlem, supported by her mother who worked as a maid. Billie said, "The Depression was nothing new to us, we always had it."

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Billie was a skinny 15-year-old kid when she went down to a local dive in Harlem to audition for a job as a dancer. Told she wasn't "pretty enough" to be a dancer, she tried singing instead and was surprised to find out they liked it enough to give her a job.

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Billie and Lester had an amazing intuitive rapport when they got together to make music. Listening to their recordings, it's clear they inspired each other musically. (In 2009, the Sony label reissued a collection of their recordings under the title, A Musical Romance.)

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Topics discussed in the audio commentary include, locations, the cast, Billy Wilder, the visuals, scenes that were cut from the film, production related topics and his thoughts about the film.

If Billie Holiday had led a less painful, controversiallife, would we hear as much in her music?

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The Jazz Age Many of the influential artists of the past came from the jazz age such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Basie and Crosby, Sarah Vaughan ...

Thesis Statement Billie Holiday was born on April 7, 1915 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Scratching out a living singing in Harlem clubs in the early 30s, Billie was discovered by the well-connected talent scout and record producer John Hammond. She went on to wide acclaim as one of America's great vocal interpreters of jazz and blues songs.