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The overall objective of the study was to evaluate the anti-fertility properties of two selected medicinal plants (Croton menyharthii and Uvariodendron kirkii) in female Winstar rats.

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during recovery process. ()
ctic acid is a colorless acid found in sour milk; used as a preservative in dyeing and in making adhesives and pharmaceuticals. ()
and may be associated with susceptibility to nutritional-associated illnesses. ()Except for E. coli and MDR E. coli, M. sagu demonstrated the strongest antibacterial activity on both gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens including MDR strains. ()
uated four plants viz. Metroxylon sagu, B. balsamifera, C. tigliu, and F. racemosa for antifertility effects on Swiss Webster mice. All the plant extracts antifertility effects, with the decrease in corpus luteum and fetuses attributed to inhibition of folliculogenesis. ()

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The antifertility efficacy of the two plants on mating success, fertility index, gestation length, litter size and body weight was evaluated using 3 treatment regimes on normocyclic female winstar rats aged between 50-60 days.


(2008)Investigation of Dodonaea viscosa and some synthetic compounds for antifertility and other pharmacological activities. Doctoral thesis, Kuvempu University.

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