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Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell. It is a satirical novel with the emphasis on government and society. It includes symbols in its text that represent a bigger, moral thing. The entire content of the plot is really based completely on a real-life government. An enemy or a scapegoat is necessary for the animals of the farm because without an enemy or scapegoat, there would be no one to fight against or

Thesis statement for animal farm by george orwell

Thesis statement for animal farm book. Here is a general plot summary.

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Moreover, after Snowball was banished from the farm, Napoleon had his dogs kill “the traitors who had leagued themselves with Snowball” (p61).

Another trait of Joseph Stalin that can be seen in Napoleon is Napoleon’s willingness to turn against his own allies for his own benefit.

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In the Novel, Napoleon turned on Snowball, another pig Orwell used to portray Leon Trotsky, and banished him from the farm after an argument on whether a windmill should be built.

Boxer and Snowball are leaders of the animals on the farm who firmly believe in a better future for all the animals on the farm.

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...In the chapter "Painted Faces and Long Hair," Jack invents a mask so pigs do not get afraid when they see his pink face.

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He prompts and encourages the animals to work hard in order to achieve their dreams for Animals Farm.

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And as a true fable, its true moral lays hidden under the satire and allegory, and reveals itself only to those who are willing to identify with, and become, the animals on a farm.

Nonetheless, the leaders of Animal Farm possess a few common methods they use to grip control over the animals.

Thesis Statement For Animal Farm By George Orwell

Totalitarian regimes aside, the satire lands on an even more fertile ground when it’s aimed at the People, a disjoined mass of will and ideas with no belief in their governmental abilities, who give up their newly acquired power in the hands of a few. “Wherever I found life, there found I Will to Power; and even in the will of the servant found I the will to be master (p. 87)”; a quote from Nietzsche’s (2003) Thus Spake Zarathustra, which perfectly illustrates one part of the demise of animal utopia. Pigs, capable and recognized as the smartest animals on a farm, take advantage and destroy the dream of an Animal Farm of plenty.

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Is this a good thesis statement for Animal Farm

Napoleon becomes the head leader of the farm after overthrowing Snowball during their struggle for power, makes promises to the animals, and gives himself advantages the other animals do not have.