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Food Science
Programs of study in this area are intended to provide a strong background in food science and related basic sciences and/or engineering. These basic sciences will vary depending on the orientation of the dissertation research, and may include advanced courses in biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, or chemical engineering. Actual programs of study may vary considerably based on the background of the individual student, research area selected, and approval of the thesis committee. The Ph.D. graduate committee will determine courses appropriate for the program of study.

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The faculty has identified three "proficiency areas" in Food Science. The table below lists these areas and classes taught at MUthat cover these areas.

Refer to  for a complete list of Food Science courses and description. Browse FS-(Food Science) subject for the list of Food Science classes.


At the end of the oral examination, the Doctoral Program Committee will determine if thestudent has performed adequately to become a Ph.D. candidate in the Food Science program. Forthe comprehensive examination to be successfully completed, the Doctoral Program Committeemust vote to pass the student on the entire examination, both written and oral sections, with nomore than one dissenting or abstaining vote.

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Food Processing
Dairy, wine, fruit and vegetable processing, value-added food product development, and the application of high pressure processing technology as a means of food preservation.

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Food Chemistry/Biochemistry
Areas of emphasis include flavor chemistry, pigments and nutraceuticals, wine chemistry, plant cell wall biochemistry and enzyme technologies. Expertise in food analytical chemistry is an essential component of all these research areas.

Food Science: A critical review of the current state of knowledge of some aspects of Food Science or Technology.

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On petition of the candidate and the Doctoral Program Committee, the director of graduate studies in the Food Science program may endorse an extension of time. A request for an extension of time must be submitted to the MU Office of Graduate Studiesfor approval.

Food Science: A critical review of the current state of knowledge of some aspect of Food Science or Technology.

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Food Microbiology & Biotechnology
Studies focus on the physiology, genetics, and applications of yeast and lactic acid bacteria used in food and beverage fermentation; development of technologies to inhibit microorganisms of public health concern.

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Food Engineering
Focus on new and conventional preservation technologies, identification of valuable co-products from food processing streams and modification of ingredient functionality by pressure and thermal treatments.