Download the Oxford thesis template .

2.6.1 All tables (tabulated data) and figures (charts, graphs, maps, photographs, diagrams etc.) should be prepared whereever possible on the same paper used to type the text and conform to the specifications mentioned earlier. They should be inserted as close to the textual reference as possible.

Hi, thanks for the template. I am using the original maths template.

 Portada Title page (first page of the template):

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The credit for initiating this template should go to Jin Ji, who started working on this template in 1988. I must admit, however, that I know nothing else about this person. Other names that appear in the changelog are Roque D. Oliveira (1992) and Jason Gilbert (2008). I should also thank anyone who made changes to the document but did not add themselves to the changelog.

How can I change the margins in LaTeX

There are more features associated with , and you are invited to look at the to learn about any options I forgot (or make your own changes to the code, of course). To see a document made using this template, see for an example.

The default font in the LaTeX thesis template is Computer Modern, and this is .

How to adjust the margins in LaTex then?

I was wondering how I could decrease the upper margin of the title page so that there is more space for additional subtitles below. Thank you for the amazing template!

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I’m afraid there are so many different ways to configure BibTeX and other reference managers for LaTeX that I’m not able to provide help on any in particular. It also tends to involve pretty individual help depending on your setup. This template should work with whatever your preferred LaTeX referencing setup is, so I suggest getting in-person help from someone at your uni who has done it before.

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into just above the line that reads (ie on line 97 in the template version). You can adjust the “-80pt” to your heart’s content. For your reference, setting it to (+) 40pt will match how the template already is. Setting it to 0 will leave a generous top margin that you might find looks appropriate even without a quote. But do play with it!

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Hi John, thank you for sharing this brilliant template, I’ll be using it for my MSc dissertation. I have removed the quote and want the Section header i.e ‘Chapter 1’ to start where the quote started instead of mid page, can you assist ?

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Hi John! Thank you very much for opening up this template for others but I seem to have an error from it when trying to compile the bibtex as it is from the download, that says

Download the Oxford thesis template ..

You are of course absolutely right; without a clear license it is very difficult to confidently make and distribute changes. I have had personal communication with Keith Gillow (author of the original maths template) who said “From my perspective you are very welcome to use and adjust this as the others have done before you, and also feel free to put it on github etc.” and Sam Evans (who modified it for social sciences use) who said “I’m also totally fine for this code to be as open as possible and live freely on the net.”

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Hi Rahman, I’m afraid that providing individual help for someone working with a different template is something the hospital keeps me too busy to do. I would suggest that looking at the relevant code in my template (specifically the file and lines 354 to 368 of ), which will hopefully set you on the right track!