When a computer connects to a network, it is online....

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some favored social networks that make it possible to keep up with the society around people and to reach probably with many members of their family and friends.

DEFINITION The concept of local area networks (LANs) is not new.

Data link layer protocols respond to the network layer and issue requests to the physical layer....

The answer was to create a computer network.

no routing is
needed between the sender and receiver)
(a) By attaching a protocol analyser to one of the endpoints, the network
administrator reconstructs the (simplified) TCP flow diagram shown in Figure 1
(overleaf) for the first three exchanges between the client and the server.
Explain by reference to the diagram above what is happening in each of the three

Computers since then have evolved dramatically.

What problem might this flow sequence be revealing in the set-up of the
devices at the ends of the TCP stream?
(b) One option available to the network administrator is to enable large
window sizes (i.e.

The computer networks are simply the medium that carries the information....

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Not only could you lose business by your network going down but also by the lack in consumer confidence, and the possible penalties imposed on you by the government for not properly securing your customers vital information.

Master Thesis Computer Networking

Our world today is built on networking in every field from cable television to telephone systems, yet many engineers, old and young alike, have no idea what constructs enable them to communicate seamlessly across the globe....

The Master of Science in Computer Science (Computer Networks) ..

Though computer networks are good and can exchange information, lots of outside and inside elements of the business can pose a threat to its computer network and it's privacy of information....

One computer is connected into a network which is then patched into a network of networks.

Now, as of 2012, there are about 1.1 Billion Computer in the world.

The advancement in the field of Computer Science in the new millennium has helped many people realize their dreams by making their living and working a lot easier than before.

Computer networks have the potential to break the monopolies of media institutions.

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The specific skills needed for computer tech are knowing computer hardware and software as well as troubleshooting procedures and basic electronic repair....

The same thing applies in the computer world, with the only difference being that it's virtual.

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