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Business Aptitude Requirement Applicants for MBA must meet the Business Aptitude Requirements or its waiver conditions as indicated below:

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During the execution of an inter-organizational business-to-business (B2B) collaboration, a collaborating party may drop out for technical reasons or for business reasons. In such a case, the leaving party must be replaced, at runtime, by a new party. Ideally, the new party can pick up where the old party left off.

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Currently, algorithms exist that can help with the runtime selection of the new party in order to incorporate it in the collaboration. Also, several studies have investigated the theoretical foundations of dynamic business process changes within a single enterprise. However, very few attempts have been made which can help a new party in a collaboration to pick up where the old party left off. Designing such techniques constitutes a challenge due to each party’s autonomy and to privacy policies that emerge in the context of a collaboration.

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I recently reported the of BI professionals. One of the findings was that these individuals recognize the need for more BI talent and for continuing BI education. The problem is that there are only a handful of academic institutions worldwide that offer comprehensive business intelligence/analytics programs that can address this issue. While there are institutions that offer BI courses or MBA BI concentrations, these are inadequate for developing the full repertoire of skills needed by these professionals. Hopefully, other institutions of higher education will recognize the educational need here and develop new BI-specific comprehensive programs. However, to do this, model BI undergraduate and graduate curriculums will need to be developed.

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Richard is Chair of the Department of Decision & System Sciences at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Before becoming an educator, he worked at Maryland National Bank, Schering-Plough Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Columbia Pictures as a systems analyst. He received his BA in journalism from Ohio Wesleyan University, his Master’s in Administrative Sciences from Johns Hopkins, and his Ph.D. from Indiana University in Management Information Systems. He has earned the Certified Systems Professional designation, and he has written extensively about both knowledge management and business intelligence. Dr. Herschel can be reached at .

On Tuesday, June 3rd, Egon Lüftenegger will defend his Ph.D. thesis entitled “Service-Dominant Business Design”.

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Great ideas Dr. Herschel. Regarding #3 Business Intelligence Organization - I experienced this need just a few months ago when writing a thesis for a graduate program in BI. My intended topic was on organizational design for business intelligence but I found very little current research on the topic. Time did not permit original research so I chose a different topic. However, should I ever find the opportunity and funding for a Ph.D., I already have a dissertation topic and a research design sketched out!

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There are basically three means by which can be organized: centralized, decentralized, or automated. A centralized approach tends to focus on BI competency centers, while the decentralized approach focuses on client mentoring and support. Automated business intelligence is a whole other animal: the process of developing, deploying, and maintaining BI solutions is streamlined with automation and BI solutions are delivered on demand. Each approach provides its own rationale and proposes its own benefits while typically condemning the other approaches. Which is the better or preferred approach is open to opinion and experience. Hence, I suspect that this topic is one that should be scrutinized in more depth to establish parameters for choosing and deploying any one of these options.