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Example 2: The authors gratefully acknowledge use of the services and facilities of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan, funded by NICHD Center Grant P2CHD041028.

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There are a many places where you can apply for funding to finance your PhD at the university.

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Wageningen has a limited number of fellowships available for candidates who plan to become a sandwich PhD candidate. You can learn more about the sandwich fellowship on the . Please note that this fellowship only covers a maximum of eighteen months spent in the Netherlands, you will have to find additional funding.

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The awards grants and funding for research, conference visits or periods of residence abroad. They also contribute to the cost of organising international conferences, workshops and colloquia in the Netherlands and promote international communication and partnerships.

This dissertation would not have been possible without funding from the FUNDING AGENCIES.

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As you progress in designing your senior thesis projects, keep in mind that proposals can be submitted for thesis research expenses in order to pursue project goals that might otherwise be precluded by inadequate funds. With your thesis advisor, first discuss the materials needed for your thesis project. Then consult with the stockroom and other faculty about materials (supplies and/or equipment) that may already be available in the department. If you determine that you need additional materials that cost $500 or more you should consider writing a Biology Undergraduate Research Proposal (BURP). You must discuss your proposal with your research advisor, who is expected to make comments on both the science and the writing, but the proposal must be your own effort and in your own words.

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Many funding bodies mandate that articles based on the research they have supported must include an acknowledgement. Therefore the accuracy of this information is high and can be used to:

First and foremost, I am grateful for the funding sources that allowed me to pursue my graduate school studies:.Thesis acknowledgements.

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Funding acknowledgements provide information on the sources of financial support for the research presented in a paper, and often contain declarations of interest that offer disclosure when corporate bodies have a financial interest in published research.

All research articles should have a funding acknowledgement statement included in the manuscript in the form of a sentence under a separate.

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1. If you received pilot or network support from MiCDA and those funds were used in the work reported in a publication, include the NIA P30 grant number in your acknowledgments section.

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Funding a graduate degree is one of the biggest investments you ever make. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences supports all doctoral students and majority of master’s and postbaccalaureate who maintain with loans and scholarships. However, all students should expect to finance their own living expenses and a portion of their tuition, and our Office of Financial Aid is committed to guiding students through that process.