Cheerleading is a very athletic sport.

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Cheerleading is no longer shaking pompoms around and yelling to the crowd (Tanner).

That is why cheerleading should be considered a sport.

In Fisher’s article, she claims that “its (cheerleading is) a popularity contest,” and this may be true in high school, but not in a college setting.

That is why I love being a cheerleader.

Yes, she is entitled to her own opinion, but I am also entitled to mine and I believe that cheerleading IS more of a sport than “digging in my garden” as Fisher puts it.

Cheerleading is a sport because it requires physical fitness, skill, dedication, and stamina....

That is why cheerleading should be …

Can you imagine your hard work not being respected?
Thesis Statement
Cheerleading should be considered a sport because it is more than just the cheering and chanting, it takes athleticism, endurance, and strength to compete as a cheerleader.
They don't know how long or how often they practice.
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Because of the lack of knowledge, cheerleading isn't taken seriously and athletes who put in the time and effort are not getting the recognition they deserve.

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Although cheerleading has developed into a thriving activity, with determined athletes, demanding practice hours, and astounding bravery most of the world still does not give it the credit it deserves in the world of sports.

Cheerleading is a very athletic sport.

Visualizing the Results
Consequences of Inaction
Cheer will never become a sport
People will not take it seriously
Bystanders will cling to streotypes associating cheer with nothing more than a megaphone.
Expectations Include:
Athletes talents to be recognized and respected
Better Coaches
Safer Stunts
More Scholarships

Cheerleading is more than just the sideline chants, it is the same blood, sweat, and tears of any other athlete and because of the athleticism, flexibility, and time cheerleading requires, it too should be a sport.
open your eyes and have an open mind
Try it for a day then make an opinion
"Want to know what an athlete looks like?

They have decided under Title IX that cheerleading does not qualify as a sport.

Cheerleading is a difficult sport that requires ..

Better than I ever expected, within five years, this is going to be the norm just because it makes sense,” says head coach at University of Maryland, Lura Fleece, when referring to the sport of cheerleading (Drehs).

The problem is that other athletes have no idea what it takes to be a cheerleader.

Essay Sample: Is Cheerleading a Sport

The misconception of cheerleaders being weak, nonathletic crowd entertainers makes people believe cheerleaders are not athletes and that cheerleading is just a hobby but cheerleaders that compete at a competitive level are in fact athletes because it meets the standards of what a sport is, which includes rules and regulatio...

However, it still supports the fact that cheerleading is indeed a sport.

Cheerleading is a sport by Kayla Driskill on Prezi

And most do not understand why cheerleading should be a sport.
Extent of the Problem
Not being an official sport results in:
Little/No school funding or scholarships
Higher injury rates
Poor Quality Coaching Staff
Little/No Funding
While official sports such as football and basketball recieve funding, cheerleading does not have the same opportunities.