Non-Native Educators in English Language Teaching.

An Investigation into the Academic English Language needs of Students at Yildiz University and Diciplinary Teachers' Attitudes towards English- Medium Instruction at the Tertiary Level. Supervisor: Dr.

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Technology use in young English language learners: a survey of Saudi parents studying ...

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MacIntyre, P. D., Dörnyei, Z., Clément, R., & Noels, K. A. (1998). Conceptualizing willingness to communicate in a L2: A situational model of L2 confidence and affiliation. The Modern Language Journal, 82(4), 545-562.

Identification of Motives for Language Study at the Police Academy.

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Gender construction and its negotiation in the course of second language learning: a case study of Chinese students learning English as a foreign language in a state secondary school

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An Advanced Higher English Dissertation for Foreign StudentsKeep on reading and we’ll give you some advice for writing satisfactory advanced higher English dissertations, even if you have English Dissertations learned English as a foreign language.

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Testers'Perceptions of the Test Development Process and Teachers' and Testers' Attitudes towards the Resulting Achievement Test at Mugla university School of Foreign Languages.

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Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching Thinking Skills in Low- Level English Classes at Bilknet University School Of English Language. Supervisor: Dr.

of Explicit Teaching of Formulaic Language on Turkish English as a Foreign Language ...

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Thesis Topics from Susan Conrad include sample teaching materials to illustrate applications of the Linguistics in Language Teaching.A list of links to essays by former TEFL/TESL MA students in the Department of English Language and MA TESOL dissertations.

English Language Research: Methods and Thesis Outline Teaching language.

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Yashima, T., Zenuk-Nishide, L., & Shimizu, K. (2004). The influence of attitudes and affect on willingness to communicate and Second Language communication. Language Learning, 54(1), 119-152.

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the Requirements to Write a Superior English Dissertation English Dissertation Needs to Combine In-depth Language Prowess with Theoretical Knowledge. Writing an English dissertation involves a vast amount of work and requires lots of commitment. English Dissertations