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The job market of this discipline is contracting, and has continued to do so as the economy has worsened. The number of Ph.D.s awarded to history students has increased, while the jobs for people with this specific degree are decreasing. There also have not been any drops in the number of students enrolling in doctoral history programs, which means there will likely be too many candidates for too few jobs in the years to come, even as doctoral history students diversify their educations.

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A career as a historian or a college history professor is the most likely career choice for people with doctorate degrees in history. This profession requires teaching courses to undergraduates and graduates at the university level and will also involve performing research and publishing papers in oneís area of expertise. It may also involve mentoring history students as an academic advisor. A small number of doctorates in history may be able to secure positions with government agencies and think-tanks.

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Most major universities have history departments offering bachelorís and doctoral degrees. An overview of some of the top-ranked doctoral history programs is given below.

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A few courses in this program, such as the History of Modern Japan and the History of the Pacific Northwest, may be taken online. The University of Washingtonís history Ph.D. program has an excellent graduate job placement record. To find out more, contact them at . Their website can be accessed at .

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Harvard Universityís doctoral history program provides students training in researching and writing about history. Students who complete the program often find themselves in teaching positions, or sometimes they end up working in legal or government careers. If they choose, students can study history in combination with law at Harvard Law School. Harvardís graduate student resources include fellowships, grants, lectures, and conferences.

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The London School of Economics and Political Science offers an online Ph.D. in international history. This is a prestigious program that requires rigorous scholarly work from its students. Students will perform research on foreign languages and will attend seminars at the Institute for Historical Research and special research seminars. In addition to extensive research training, this program will train students in foreign languages and computing. The website for the department is .

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The University of Washingtonís doctoral program in history requires a preliminary examination, foreign language proficiency, and a dissertation and oral defense. Students have a wide variety of fields of study from which to choose, including ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient Near East, Russia and Eastern Europe, pre-modern Asia, modern Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, United States, the history of science, and comparative history.