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Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) who seek admission to the LVN-BSN Program must meet the same lower division requisites and degree requirements as generic students. Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis and must complete the upper division clinical studies within five years of the initial admission date.

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The White House tapes show Kennedy questioning and resisting themounting pressure to bomb Cuba coming from both the Joint Chiefsand the Executive Committee of the National Security Council. Atthe same time, John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, the two menmost responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis, seemed locked in ahopeless ideological conflict. The U.S. and Soviet leaders hadbeen following Cold War policies that now seemed to be movinginexorably toward a war of extermination.

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Transfer students must submit an official transcript(s) of all previous college course work and grades to the Office of Pre-Nursing Advising and meet with a nursing advisor for transcript evaluation and eligibility for placement. Transfer students who have completed 45 or more credit hours of the lower division and plan to complete the remaining lower division requirements at another educational institution(s) must receive approval through the College of Nursing Office of Admissions and Student Services, Houston Center.

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Senator Carstairs is also quoted as saying that her committee members were also concerned that decriminalizing marijuana possession would violate several international treaties that Canada has signed (several authorities would strongly disagree with the Senator on this point).

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A9) quoted Committee Chair Senator Sharon Carstairs as saying the Senators on the Committee dropped the idea of recommending that there be no criminal charge for having a few "joints" of marijuana because they felt it would never pass the House of Commons (the Bill would have to be returned to the House for a vote on that issue).

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Doctoral students are eligible to form a dissertation committee upon the successful completion of their comprehensive examination. The dissertation committee oversees the planning and conduct of your doctoral dissertation. To select your committee, first choose the faculty member whom you would like to have serve as your dissertation director. You and your director then select the four remaining members of the committee. Two of these need to be members of the faculty of the Department of Psychology. The fourth member of the committee is the Graduate Faculty Representative, who must be a member of another department within the university and who must be approved by the College of Arts & Sciences. The fifth member may be a faculty member from psychology or a faculty member from another department. Your academic adviser is to be a member of your dissertation committee and may serve as director.

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Having worked in government for the past 37 years, Maureen has also put countless hours into community work and been a member on numerous advisory boards and committees.

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This course discusses basic research methodology and its application to the practice of nursing. Computer aids to research are considered. Prerequisite: Completion of Semester II.
Prerequisites: ( and SPCH 1003 and and ).