Further advice for the colloquium:

The Master Thesis including the Colloquium is a 24 ECTS (credit points) module. This means that the expected student's work load for the completion of the Master Thesis is: 20 times 25 hours = 600 hours.

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Why I am writing a thesis� | English Senior Thesis Colloquium. Why not write a thesis?

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Lyngen Alps fergusmurraysculpture com From Greig D Moraine chronology and deglaciation of the northern middot Structural Geology Master s Thesis Colloquium

Why I am writing a thesis… | English Senior Thesis Colloquium

This semester of the Honors Thesis Colloquium is designed to expose you to emerging digital research methods in the humanities and social sciences, provide you with the skills to develop a digital project that expands the reach and scope of your thesis research, and encourage you to think critically about public engagement with scholarly research in the 21st century. Using methodologies culled from digital scholarship across the disciplines, we will collectively and broadly re-orient ourselves in relationship to our own research, seeking a more capacious vision of the ways in which our newly acquired expertise might have the greatest impact. We will then consider how your individual thesis projects might not only feed back into the expansion of those scholarly conversations and communities from which they were first derived, but the strategies by which each of you might most effectively bring your work into the public eye. This process of experimentation and discovery will not only mirror current debates in the academy over best research practices in the technological age, it will also hone your own skills as you prepare to take on the postgraduate world.

The Colloquium consists of two parts: a presentation and a defense of the work.

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The Doctoral Colloquium of SenSys 2017 seeks to provide a friendly, supportive, and constructive environment where PhD students can present their research in progress for an open discussion guided by a panel of experienced researchers. The Doctoral Colloquium will be structured as a series of short presentations by the students followed by individual discussions, feedback, and advice. Students with the most inspiring topics will also be invited to present a poster during the main conference to leverage further interaction with SenSys attendees.

The Allocation of ECTS points for Thesis and Colloquium are 20 : 4 Credit Points.

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The thesis colloquium is not a contest for paper consumption. The best handouts are short. You do not need to present your entire bibliography. Make sure that the items on any handout are integrated into your talk.

The regulations concerning the Master Thesis and the Colloquium are specified in the examination regulation ().

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The Doctoral Colloquium committee will review submissions to ensure quality, relevance, and potential benefit from attendance. Authors of accepted submissions are expected to participate in person to the Doctoral Colloquium. There will be no separate registration fee for the Doctoral Colloquium.

The objective of the Colloquium is to determine whether the examinee is capable of orally presenting and independently justifying

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Doctoral Colloquium Panelists:
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
(University of Virginia, USA)
(Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
(University of Manitoba, Canada)