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Represents strong importance for its contents. Indicate relative importance by nesting strong elements; each element increases the importance of its contents. Changing the importance of a piece of text with the strong element does not change the meaning of the sentence.

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The element represents a span of text with an unarticulated, though explicitly rendered, non-textual annotation (when you are annotating something, but not explicitly saying what it is). Examples include indicating misspelt words, labeling proper names in traditional Chinese prose, or indicating a family name when the name’s order is non-western.

Choosing A Route For Your Academic Journey ”

When used in a quotation or other block of text referenced in a document, it indicates a highlight that was not present in the original document — e.g., a portion of text in an academic publication that has recently come under additional scrutiny.

Thesis provides a pre-existing style for pullquotes; just assign a class of either right or left to the blockquote tag. Example of Right Pullquote
I want to explain creating database, posting form values, storing the session value and destroy the thesis blockquote css session. HTML was primarily designed as a ….

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18/06/2013 · Step by step guide on how to customize blockquotes style in WordPress themes with over 9 design examples that you can start with.

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