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The third part deals with the process of artistic production, with further information about the context of the Mexican artists in areas such as economic, political, social and technological, so we can have a broader understanding of the production conditions of Mexican Digital Art; we should clarify that context is considered a fundamental part of the process of artistic production for the purposes of this work.

Libreria y Artistica Thesis, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The fourth and final part deals with the Mexican digital artists and their work.

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Pasquale Monaco e nato a Napoli il 13-08-1948. Vive a Roma dal 1983. Ha frequentato l’ Istituto delle porcellane di Capodimonte e l’ Accademia Napoletana di Belle Arti . Dal 1970 svolge un’ intensa attivita artistica con mostre personali e collettive. Ha ricevuto premi e significativi riconoscimenti. Per alcune sue personali si e interessato il telegiornale della Rai 2. Nel 1978 ha eseguito una gala d’altare alla chiesa S. Francesco dei Padri francescani di Pollica (CS). Le sue opere sono presenti in numerose collezioni private e pubbliche, sia in Italia the all’ estero.

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In the art works of Pasquale Monaco the solutions space are based them not on the geometric construction of the perspectives, but on a solution pure empiricist of the space. This renders some the effect less completed, but also less static with the edifying result of one greater freedom of strokes the color on its burlaps with exite aggressiveness of espressionist extraction. The remarkable thing of Monaco and stilistic the unity between two contrasting elements, are the exite stroke of feeling dionisiac, harmonized with the olympic calm that conforms all the faces of the feminine figures of one extraordinary serenity. From here its stamp with impressionistic and espressionistic, it is in the figures that in the landscapes, uni and the others nearly interchanging, a lot are leak to you and transmitted with the same optical, such to construct an only language, one grammatical cognitive made of feelings and istinctively intimistiche cromie. Therefore its works persuade to of the connotations acclimatize them in how much here realize the synthesis and at the same time they reveal the covered long and suffered traces of analiti to us. It goes without saying that a such painter comes to more ahead find always a step of just the interlocutor, to the point to risk the incomprehension, that innocent and dramatic fracture between to be and to seem. In the materic poultice of a palette only, it finds to us the armony of the seasons, the harmony of the created one, the purer musicality. To the two thousand thresholds of the artist propose again a fantastic vision of its world, of its earth, where the colors express the character of its creatures. And then in the contrast of the strokes ones reappear the abhor design, sweet, ethereal.

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Artistic logos and religious art,Images of Europe: Past, Present, Future - XIV COnference -International Society for the Study of European Ideas,Porto,2014 (Comunicação).

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Performing design – Designing music.
The musical instrument as an exemplary interface between the physical human dimension and its most ethereal artistic comunication.

Pasquale Monaco e nato a Napoli il 13-08-1948

In this interview, the artist expresses his views about Chinese contemporary art and opens up about his long-term career, also giving in details commentary on Theatrical Pièce, the work he premiered at the Anren Biennial.