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In the following paper we will briefly describe the apparel industry and the patterns of growth of this industry via countries all over the world. Due to globalization, environmental issues an trade agreements, transnational corporations have been forced to migrate their manufacturing lines from country to country. These corporations, such as Nike, are significant figures to study and understand as their type has seen greater domestic product than many countries.

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ISO 14000 Management Decisions in the Textile/Apparel Industry in the United Mexico States

How Joanna Griffiths is redefining the intimate apparel market

The apparel industry has become a major catalyst for economic growth and development for countries all over the world, particularly those of East Asia even though apparel manufacturing has always been a large contributor to industrial employment. The recently increased use of outsourcing has, for instance, ensured China the capability to be one of the leading suppliers of the world. The country is currently producing 50% of the world’s shoes using a $50,000-worker plant, claiming the world’s largest footwear production site today. Predicting the future of this industry is a tough feat, but in one’s analysis should include political influences, for example the EU directive on clothing recycling, technology and development, such as the introduction of new fabrics via primary industry resources, corporate social responsibility, and of course availability of labor as a resource.

as students hone their expertise in the intimate apparel ..

Washington State University offers a dynamic Master of Arts Program in Apparel, Merchandising, and Textiles that provides students with opportunities to pursue research through the completion of a thesis or project.

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19/10/2017 · How Joanna Griffiths is redefining the intimate apparel market

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Earlier this year, Stowe researched ideal travel clothes for her Honors College thesis. Stowe showed her collection at the annual WSU Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show earlier this month.

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Building upon the success of the AAS studies in Fashion Design, courses in the BFA program advance in complexity as students hone their expertise in the intimate apparel concentration. Through applied experiential learning and the creative application and development of critical problem-solving challenges, students become adept fashion designers. Students attain a greater understanding of the fashion design process, further perfect their conceptual/technical skills, and advance in the development of a personal design aesthetic and their adaptive abilities. This program prepares graduates for success in intimate apparel careers, related design fields, and other careers not yet imagined. Registering for this concentration is based on availability. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2017.

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