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Susceptible targets for scrap metal theft can include any unsecuredmetal. Certain types of metal prices will fluctuate, and dealers may specifywhat types of metal they are buying, thereby notifying sellers of what is incurrent demand. Some specific targets of scrap metal theft include thefollowing:

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While stolen precious metals include gold and silver—commonlytargeted in residential burglaries—for the purposes of this guide, scrap metaltheft includes mainly stolen copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, nickel, platinum,and bronze. These metals have value only when sold to a scrap metal dealer whoarranges for the metal to be melted and reshaped for other uses. By contrast,gold and silver commonly have intrinsic value, either to the thief or to someoneelse who values the metal in its original shape.

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This guide begins bydescribing the problem of scrap metal theft and reviewing factors that increaseits risk. It then identifies a series of questions to help you analyze yourlocal scrap-metal theft problem. Finally, it reviews responses to the problem,and what is known about these responses from evaluative research and policepractice.

10/12/2011 · When it comes to buying physical gold and silver, there are a range of options you can take.
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Scrap metal buyers provide the necessary link forcreating profit from scrap metal theft. The scrap metal theft problem is drivenentirely by the ability to sell stolen goods to recyclers, and often theserecyclers facilitate crime. While there is some recognition that thievesdistribute other stolen goods to friends/family, they are far more likelyto sell stolen metal for cash at a scrap metal yard where they may or may notknow the buyer. Communities struggling with metal theft may find it difficultto convince the public that the problem is serious. According to national crimesurvey data, receiving and selling stolen goods tends to be ranked as one ofthe least serious crimes,where buyers do not recognize the crime as much as “getting a good deal." Communitiesconfronting scrap metal theft problems should consider the different offendersworking with scrap metal dealers for profit, and determine how thesetransactions can become more costly for both parties.

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06/01/2018 · The scrap dealer explained that the convict misled him into buying the items

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