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Effective teachers build on the notion that meaningful teaching and learning acts on knowledge of the learner – they know their students and respond to their learning needs. This is mirrored in the classroom talk. An essential component of explicit teaching therefore is linked to collecting definitive assessment evidence of student learning; teachers need to know what students can do in order to respond authentically and explicitly to their learning needs (both in their talk and in the tasks they design for their students).

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In all classrooms, it is vital for teachers to use explicit talk in both whole class and small focused group teaching sessions to effectively maximise learning outcomes for all students. This enhances the accessibility to the literacy curriculum. For example instructional strategies such as (Raison, 2002) and Reciprocal Teaching (Palincsar & Brown, 1985) used in guided reading sessions provide opportunities for meaningful interactions that motivate learners to engage with their learning in a enjoyable, interesting and reflective way. They explicitly orient the talk to learning about specific aspects of literacy focusing on the (Freebody & Luke, 1990) – learning about text code and meaning, using and analysing texts.

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Wilson, M. 1988. MRC Psycholinguistic Database: Machine Readable Dictionary, Version 2. Behavioural Research Methods, Instruments & Computers, 20(1), 6-11.

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The IPhOD can be used in one of several ways. First, it may be useful to find words or pseudowords with values in a specific range. For example, what pseudowords have between 20 and 25 phonological neighbors? What are those neighbor words? A second approach is to determine these values for specified words or pseudowords, for example: what are the word frequencies for ? There are several ways to access this information in IPhOD, depending on your goal.

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The Scope of Sociolinguistics Definition: Sociolinguistics is the study of the relationship between language and society. Sociolinguistics is a

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A large body of research shows effective classroom interaction leads to successful learning when it is explicit and student-centred (for example see, Freebody, Ludwig & Gunn, 1995; Edwards-Groves, 1998). Opportunities for learning are enhanced when classroom talk is clearly focused on learning about aspects of literacy and directly responds to the learning needs of the students. Effective and explicit classroom talk emerges to be a pivotal feature of quality pedagogy as it ‘enables’ students to know what is of primary relevance and what is secondary for this lesson at this time, and they will know what is useful and relevant to take to new learning situations.