Oil spills may impact the environment in the following ways:

It is true that an oil spill can have severe short term effects, especially when organisms are considered on an individual basis. However, environmental impacts should always be measured in a scientific context and should be appraised at an ecosystem rather than individual level. In other words, it is important (or more representative of long term environmental effects) to base the extent of environmental damage on the effects to ecosystems. For example, has the ecosystem retained its normal functions or how quickly will they resume following an oil spill?

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Confidence is returning to the oil and gas industry, with a majority of respondents in a DNV GL survey saying that they plan to increase capital expenditure this year.…

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On January 16, 2018, BP PLC announced it would take a $1.7 billion charge for expenses related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It expects cash payments of $3 billion for the year. As of July 14, 2016, in court fees, penalties, and clean-up costs.

Improved strategies combine theoretical disciplines, such as population biology with practical oil spill response.

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In July of 1979 a tanker heading to Saudi Arabia spilled approximately 100,000 gallons of oil in the Staten Island harbor of New York. A two-inch layer of oil slick was left on the surface of the water and washed up on beaches throughout the harbor. The spill posed a great threat to wildlife and halted all plans for New York’s Harbor Festival. [9] As you can see, oil that is destined for other countries besides the United States has a great effect on it both economically and environmentally. This spill cost both countries over one million dollars collectively and continue to cost their economies as well. Oil spills in the 1970s were very common and they influenced environmental research and explored the reasons as to why the U.S. and other countries need oil and oil products so desperately.

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In March of 1978, the Amoco Cadiz ran aground on the coast of Brittany, France. 223,000 tons of oil spilled into the ocean. Major studies showed recovery of areas exposed to waves, currents, and winds after two years, but oil persists in areas protected from the physical movement of the sea causing substantial long-range effects on marine organism reproduction. [6] Long term programs were set up to monitor long term effects of the oil spill of the coast of France, including large foreign contributions from the United States and Canada. Their research consisted of monitoring the chemical quality of the water, sediments and marine organisms, the ecological effect on species, including ones that were commercialized such as algae, and investigation of microbiological processes associated with biodegradation. An estimated 60,000 tons of oil polluted 72 kilometers of coastline and in late April of 1978 300 kilometers of coastline was polluted but after that point the pollution decreased over time thanks to the biodegradation of the oil. [7]

Researchers could also participate more often in the contingency planning or practical management of oil spills as experts.

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The iceless ocean has also allowed for a growing shipping traffic and an increased danger of oil spills.This proposal explores the creation of ‘tactical’ nodes off the Northern coastline of Alaska, between Point Barrow and Prudhoe Bay.

Oil spills have a potential to extinguish or debilitate fish and wildlife populations and habitat types important to the marine ecosystem.

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The sources of marine oil spills are mainly from accidents of marine oil tankers or freighters, marine oil-drilling platforms, marine oil pipelines, marine oilfields, terrestrial pollution, oil-bearing atmosphere, and offshore oil production equipment. It is concluded upon analysis that there are two main reasons for marine oil spills: (I) The motive for huge economic benefits of oil industry owners and oil shipping agents far surpasses their sense of ecological risks. (II) Marine ecological safety has not become the main concern of national security. Oil spills are disasters because humans spare no efforts to get economic benefits from oil. The present paper draws another conclusion that marine ecological damage caused by oil spills can be roughly divided into two categories: damage to marine resource value (direct value) and damage to marine ecosystem service value (indirect value). Marine oil spills cause damage to marine biological, fishery, seawater, tourism and mineral resources to various extents, which contributes to the lower quality and value of marine resources.

Many geospatial services work as tools of informative policy instruments, as they deliver ecological data and knowledge for oil spill risk management.

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[4] J.P. Hollinger and R.A. Mennella, “Oil Spills: Measurements of their Distributions and Volumes by Multifrequency Microwave Radiometry,” Science, New Series, Vol. 181, No. 4094, (July 6, 1973) pp. 54-56