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"Improving the Temporal and Spatial Resolution of Carbon Dioxide emissions Estimates from Fossil-Fuel Consumption" by Jay Gregg, August 2005. Advisor: Dr. Robert Andres

Thesis 2005 will be available on

 PhD thesis, University of Toronto (joint research with Stanford University), November 2005.

PhD thesis, Stanford University, September 2005.

Further implications regarding level of conflict and nature of party relationships are discussed, as are the strengths and limitations of the model.By Marie Pace
E-mail: Thesis for Doctor of Philosophy in Social Science degree
Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflict (PARC)
Maxwel School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Graduate School of Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, May 2005, 275 pagesDownload the manuscript on the Web at or at . This dissertation is a qualitative study investigating how a North American based citizen diplomacy effort—the Compassionate Listening Project—is working to promote peace and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

PhD thesis, Stanford University, June 2005.

"The Creation of Dependable Space System at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)" by Charles Mott, December 2005. Advisor: Dr. Stephen Johnson

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6-Red Bed Series, Ph.D, thesis, Barzinjy, 2005
7-Late Cretaceous Carbonates, MSc, 2008, Ahmad
8-Sewage Wastewater, MSc, Omed Mustafa
9-PhD thesis of Dr Salahaddin Saed Ali, hydrogeology of Sharazoor basin, 2008
Gelogical map, belong to Dr Salah thesis Hydrogelogical map, belongs to Dr.

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Governor Bernanke presented similar remarks with updated data at the Homer Jones Lecture, St. Louis, Missouri, on April 14, 2005.

PhD thesis, Stanford University, December 2005.

What policy options exist to deal with the U.S. current account deficit? I have downplayed the role of the U.S. federal budget deficit today, and I disagree with the view, sometimes heard, that balancing the federal budget by itself would largely defuse the current account issue. In particular, to the extent that a reduction in the federal budget resulted in lower interest rates, the principal effects might be increased consumption and investment spending at home rather than a lower current account deficit. Indeed, a recent study suggests that a one-dollar reduction in the federal budget deficit would cause the current account deficit to decline less than 20 cents (Erceg, Guerrieri, and Gust, 2005). These results imply that even if we could balance the federal budget tomorrow, the medium-term effect would likely be to reduce the current account deficit by less than one percentage point of GDP.

Greenspan (2005) notes a strong correlation between U.S. mortgage debt and the U.S. current account deficit.

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Erceg, Christopher, Luca Guerrieri, and Christopher Gust (2005). International Finance Discussion Paper 2005-825. Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (January).

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by Avi Zer-Aviv -- University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2005

by Yuichi Ohta -- The International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, 2003

by Louis-Alexandre Berg -- Brown University, 2000

by Shawn M.

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Under new legislation, social workers and social care workers (which meanspeople working in residential, day care and domiciliary care services) have tobe officially registered (from April 2005) with a regulatory agency – in Scotland,the Scottish Social Services Council.