Which word equation summarizesphotosynthesis?

I will measure the rate of photosynthesis by counting the number of bubbles that are released by the stem of the pond-weed when the lamp is shone on it from different distances.

Which word equation summarizesphotosynthesis?

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It means photosynthesis is a process in which carbon dioxide ..

, a French chemist, also discovered oxygen in 1775, was the first to recognize it as an element, and coined its name "oxygen" - which comes from a Greek word that means “acid-former”.

There is a historic dispute about who discovered oxygen.

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Once the process is done, it starts all over again! Parts of a flower: If you are an organism you need to reproduce. If organisms did not reproduce, there would be no more of that species and they would die off.During flowering plant reproduction:2 cells, the stamen and the pistil, each with half of DNA needed, combine and create a living cell. Now, it is time for you to explore more about photosynthesis and flowering plant reproduction on your own. Go to the following site and read about the 2 processes. When you are finished, you are ready to begin your interactive poster! Good luck!

The outer rings of wood are the newest and only these contain functional vessels.

While photosynthesis is a big word, ..

This process is also affected by the temperature surrounding the plant (the species of plant we experimented with, pond weed, photosynthesised best at around 20 degrees centigrade.) Light, temperature & CO2 are known as limiting factors, and each is as important as the next in photosynthes...

Which word equation summarizes photosynthesis

In order to do this though they need energy – which they get from sunlight. The energy from sunlight (solar energy) is used by the plant to make carbon dioxide and water and change into glucose (food) and oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. The word photosynthesis comes from two Greek words: photo meaning light and synthesis meaning putting together so photosynthesis means “putting together with light”.

Photosynthesis As A Means Of Autotrophic Nutrition - Biology

the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf
are bounded by a layer of epithelium (E)
(covering tissue) which is coated by a
cuticle (C) of its own secretion.

Climate - the weather conditions of an area (e.g. the hot Siberian desert, the coldness of Iceland).

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The sun is a very powerful source of energy. People are always trying to harness it to make electricity, warm their houses, heat their water etc. Plants figured out how to use solar energy millions of years ago to make their food. They use the light energy from the sun (solar energy) and convert it into chemical energy that is stored as sugar (glucose) in the plant. Excess glucose is stored as starch in the leaves, roots, stems and seeds of the plant. The energy from the sun is transferred to the plants. This energy is then passed to animals when they eat plants. Whenever the plant needs energy it breaks down its stored glucose for its life processes

Conifers - are relating to or part of trees or shrubs that do not have flowers and their seeds are made in cones.

The word "photosynthesis" means “making things with light

Just like humans do, plants also need mineral nutrients to keep healthy, grow and perform their life processes well. Plants get mineral nutrients from the soil using their roots. The mineral nutrients are dissolved in the water the plant absorbs. If the soil does not have enough mineral nutrients the plant will not grow properly. Farmers often test the soil to check that there are enough nutrients for their crops to grow. If there are not enough minerals present in the soil the farmer will add fertilizers. A fertilizer usually contains the main minerals that a plant needs.

explain the meaning of the word "photosynthesis"? | …

It shouldn’t be too surprising for you to learn that the plant’s structure is very well adapted to trap sunlight and absorb carbon dioxide. A wide broad surface will capture far more light than a thin narrow leave surface. Solar panels that you see on houses are also broad and flat for the same reason.