the hypothesis that evolution occurs at a slow, ..

Emphasizing individuals’ ability to do well in the face of serious stressors, researchers have confirmed the positive role of hardiness among many groups including, in samples studied in the United States, bus drivers, military air-disaster workers, nurses working in a variety of settings, teachers, candidates in training for a number of different occupations, persons with chronic illness and Asian immigrants. Elsewhere, studies have been carried out among businessmen in Japan and trainees in the Israeli defence forces. Across these groups, one finds an association between hardiness and lower levels of either physical or mental symptoms, and, less frequently, a significant interaction between stress levels and hardiness that provides support for the buffering role of personality. In addition, results establish the effects of hardiness on non-health outcomes such as work performance and job satisfaction as well as on burnout. Another large body of work, most of it conducted with college-student samples, confirms the hypothesized mechanisms through which hardiness has its health-protective effects. These studies demonstrated the influence of hardiness upon the subjects’ appraisal of stress (Wiebe and Williams 1992). Also relevant to construct validity, a smaller number of studies have provided some evidence for the psychophysiological arousal correlates of hardiness and the relationship between hardiness and various preventive health behaviours.

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the hypothesis that evolution occurs at an irregular rate through geological time is known as.

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Elaborate This portion of the activity provides you with an opportunity to assess the learners' understanding of evolution and the mechanisms by which it occurs. Before the students begin to work on these tasks, display a piece of Fabric A and a piece of Fabric B and ask the learners to post their third generation bar graphs beside the fabric that they used. The learners now will benefit by comparing their results with those from other teams that used the same fabric as well as with those from teams that used a different fabric. These comparisons will give them more data with which to construct explanations for the results that they see.

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The enormous lengths of time over which rates of molecular evolution are calculated causethe fluctuations that do occur to average out, yielding the apparent constancy of evolutionary rates.

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