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In the best kind of affection a man hopes for a new happiness rather than for escape from an old unhappiness.

The best type of affection is each receives affection with joy and gives it without effort, and each finds the whole world more interesting in consequence of the existence of this reciprocal happiness.

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The happiness of the reformer or revolutionary depends upon the course of , but probably even while he is being executed he enjoys more real happiness than is possible for the comfortable cynic.

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When men and women have children, they do so either because they believe that children will add to their happiness, or because they do not know how to prevent them.

Being unhappy, he is likely to  other people which are excessive and which prevent him from enjoying happiness in personal relations.

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It is amazing how much both happiness and efficiency can be increased by the cultivation of an orderly mind, which thinks about a matter adequately at the right time rather than inadequately at all times.

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I have written in this book as a hedonist, that is to say, as one who regards happiness as the good, but the acts to be recommended from the point of view of the hedonist are on the whole the same as those to be recommended by the sane moralist.

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To live virtuously as individuals and as societies, we must understand how our minds are built (see of The Happiness Hypothesis, and Part I of The Righteous Mind). We must find ways to overcome our natural self-righteousness (see of HH, or part II of RM). We must respect and even learn from those whose morality differs from our own (see on politics, or on religion).