3. Do graduate students have to be registered when they file?

Graduate students may order hard copies through ProQuest. Copies take about 5 weeks to ship after the manuscript is published by ProQuest. Graduate students can also order copies through the .

4. Can a graduate student file during the Summer?

1. What happens to the thesis or dissertation a graduate student files?

Information about the Graduate School's .

The Format of your manuscript will be reviewed by a format advisor in the Graduate School and also by an outside reader. The advisor checks your work against Graduate School requirements and the requirements of your style guide if appropriate. The outsider reader, along with the format advisor, spot-checks for misspellings and grammatical problems. This evaluation usually requires two to four working days; however, when deadlines are approaching, format evaluation may take a bit longer. Most students must make a few corrections or changes. The student should leave a telephone number or an e-mail address where he/she can be reached. If corrections need to be made, the Graduate School will ask to see a revised copy before granting approval to schedule the thesis defense.

1. What are the filing deadlines for graduate students?

In the past, the physical manuscript was placed on the shelves of the UCLA library where it could be accessed by visitors and through the international interlibrary loan network. Today, digital access to the document is provided through the , our institutional repository. Additionally, the abstracts of theses and dissertations worldwide are indexed by , SciFinder and other abstracting services. In the past, interested scholars who wanted to obtain copies of theses and dissertations would either write to the author or purchase paper, microfilm or microfiche copies from ProQuest, but now they can purchase electronic copies instead. Technology changes aside, graduate students retain the copyright on your dissertation, and will receive royalties when copies are purchased. See for more information.

2. Can graduate students file their thesis or dissertation from outside the US?

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The thesis or dissertation culminates an important stage of your graduate career. In preparing and defending this document, you prove that you have acquired essential skills of research or scholarship as well as the ability to effectively communicate the results of your inquiry to the academic community.

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The Graduate School takes great pride in our student’s research, which is showcased in the library’s . Before your paper can be featured there, there are some forms and formatting guidelines you need to complete. Please follow the instructions below to ensure your thesis or dissertation is completed according to Graduate School policies. Theses and dissertations that do not meet all Graduate School policies will not be approved.

Graduate students must either register and enroll or, if eligible, use the .

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To assist you and your advisory committee in this process, the Graduate School has prepared an ETD Format Manual, one that deals with basic formatting and illustration preparation. Our goal is to help you produce a thesis that looks professional and makes the findings accessible to readers. We also hope that the thesis format recommended in this guide will facilitate publication of the work in a professional journal appropriate to the discipline.

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The Graduate School requires that students follow this guide in producing their thesis, unless they are students in the Departments of English, History or Creative Writing. Students in the Department of English follow the format of Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, and the Department of History the format of American Historical Review. In the Department of Creative Writing, where novels, short story and poetry collections rely on the publication format norms of their respective genres, the choice is up to you and your committee.

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The thesis represents the culmination of an individual's research program. Although thesis advisors and committee members play an important role in the development, guidance and final evaluation of the overall project, an individual and not a group of persons author the thesis. While the Graduate School recognizes the important input that advisors or committee members often make in a person's thesis, they are not co-authors. Consequently, the thesis should not be written in the first person plural (we). We is a plural pronoun that refers to more than one individual. Theses should be written either in the first person singular (I) or in the third person. The third person is probably the best way to write a thesis in some areas but may not be appropriate for all areas. Individuals who provide assistance in the research project should be mentioned in the acknowledgments. Obviously, if the work is published, co-authorship is often necessary and appropriate.