I believe the novel has a very important message for readers today.

There are several female characters involved in David's life and through these women we could see that the women in the novel act as bystanders, protectors and are used just for the purpose of 'pure' reproducton.

First off, child abuse and torture is a major factor in the novel.

One could describe the novel

The Chrysalids was written in 1955.

If you think you know all about this novel because you've seen Blade Runner, you're wrong. Blade Runner shows a sympathetic point of view, while the novel shows a distinctly anti artificial intelligence sentiment, with robots being deplored for their inability to feel and think like humans.

The Chrysalids was a better story.

This novel prevented its writer from bombing Monte Cassino in WW11 (at least, that's what I make of his background on Wikipedia. Is it defamatory to make that assumption online after someone's passed away?), but aside from preventing violence, it ranks at number 5 because the High and Mighty Legion of Nerds deemed it one of the best science fiction novels, nominating it for the Hugo Award in 1961. Needless to say, it won. Since then it's been recognized three times with Locus Poll Awards for All-Time Best Science Fiction Novel.

Joseph Strorm is the character in the novel that has the greatest disliking toward Blasphemies....

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Winston wishes for privacy, freedom, and love, but cannot express this as it is a thoughtcrime, punishable by death. Finding evidence of the party's corruption during his work day, and being thrust into a love affair with the treasonous Julia, Winston defies the law and has thoughts of overthrowing the party. Amongst the serious themes and discourse, I must admit to wondering how Winston had such an aptitude for finding abandoned places for sexy rendezvous with Julia in his controlled environment. 1984 should come with a mental health warning - if you weren't depressed before you opened it, you certainly will be once you're finished.

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I didn't "get it" any more than the most confused among you, but what I did do is "feel it:" I felt its primordial power and emotional bareness; I felt another world, another age and another human journey come alive inside of me.

In The Chrysalids, John Wyndam used his story to teach his readers valuable, lifelong lessons.

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The dystopian science fiction element is introduced with the fifth story, set in Nea So Copros, a futuristic, totalitarian Korean state, evolved from corporate culture. It is told in the form of an interview between Sonmi 451 and an "archivist" who is recording her story. Sonmi 451 is a genetically engineered "fabricant", a clone, made to work at a fast-food restaurant, Papa Song's. Similarly to the replicants in Phillip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Sheep, fabricants are treated as second class citizens, used as slave labor, and society stunts their consciousness with chemicals. Sonmi 451 escapes her oppressive world with the help of underground rebels. A student interrupts, telling them forty or fifty enforcers are looking for them and have orders to kill Sonmi on sight.

This powerful human emotion has survived in the oppressing society of Waknuk.

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This novel is also one of the earliest examples of the dying earth subgenre - sci-fi that takes place towards the end of earth's existence, the end of time.

The setting of “The Chrysalids” is several hundred years after a nuclear war.

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Everyone loves the idea of the thinking man's fireman (particularly middle aged women who read Fifty Shades of Grey), but that's not why Fahrenheit 451 made it to second on this list. Bradbury made his bread and butter with short horror stories, but also wrote one of the most popular dystopian science-fiction novels.