The Advantages of using Text-to-Speech

The limited applicability of the software to PCs only and the limit of only one voice, which is female, that comes with the software certainly limits who would comfortably use E-triloquist. Also, the lack of mobility is a hindrance.
However, it is a free software and may be of some use to some of us larys. Speakers may be necessary to amplify the voice.
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Best wishes to all,
Henry Luniewski
Charlottesville, VA
Submitted 4/11/2012

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Speech Synthesis, also known as text-to-speech or SAPI, is a process of converting text to speech

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An Introduction to text-to-speech synthesis

E-Triloquist - a PC-based communication aid for a speech impaired person. It serves as an electronic voice for those who can't speak on their own.
E-triloquist, the personal computer augmentative communication aid software formerly known as "SpeakEasy", developed as a family project. Dad had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and lost his ability to speak in the course of the disease. Son is particularly versatile in personal computers. Our first version (named "SpeakEasy" at the time) was made available on the Internet in early 1995. We are now on Version 6.3 with even more new features suggested by current users of the program, and with full support for Windows-XP, Vista, and Windows-7 operating systems. See the News page for full details on the enhancements in V6.1. Go to the Downloads page to install or upgrade to the latest version of E-triloquist.

What is Text-To-Speech?
IPhones now have the capability to run Alex which will do text to speech. The instructions can be found at the following link:

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A little background. I had my laryngectomy, a little over two months ago. Over the past two months I have made a few adjustments. I am almost half through with radiation treatments, which will continue for 3 more weeks. After, a hopefully brief convalescence period, I will return to work. As a systems administrator for a large computer-engineering group, my need to communicate on a technical level is important. From what I am told, I will be able to speak again, for that I am grateful. At best, that is 6 months or more down the road, it has been two and counting. Even then, telephone conversations will be more difficult for the recipient to understand. Over the years, I have had many deaf clients, and have set up TTY devices for their use. These have their drawbacks. I have always been a very independent person and have been frustrated with my new dependence on family and friends, for simple everyday things. Which brings me to why I am writing this. I spent hours searching the web, first looking for a text to speech program. I found several free ones. The one I selected is called E-triloquist. I found it on the WebWhispers home page. It allows 48 pre-programmable hot keys, plus plenty of options for pre-typed questions and responses. It is a good program! Having the ability to type and spell are a big plus. Unfortunately I can do neither, but with practice I am getting there. I type into a spell checker program, then cut and paste into the text to speech program. One draw back is the voices that come for free, are terrible. They sound very robotic. I bought 2 additional voices, one male, and one female (they come as a package) from AT&T for $35.00. These voices are better than the free ones, but still leave something to be desired.

1. IPad has a great text to speech one for 2 dollars called “Speak it” at Apple store or go to iTunes and download.

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I recommend the app. Talk for Me. It is easy to use and has a number of self designed phrases that the individual user can program or just use it to covert a text comment/conversation to speech. I used to use Speech Magnet but it was not upgraded to IOS 11 and no longer works.
Bob Mason
Class of ‘15

Build IVR, telephony, alert, and other voice solutions using the versatile text-to-speech (TTS) Server and SDK.

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Good news for our Dutch young speakers! Early next year we will release the first Dutch Text to Speech children’s voices. The voices are made by and for children, in collaboration with AssistiveWare and NSGK. Children’s voices made by and […]