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Gierasch stated, “The environment in a cell is extremely complex and challenging for the process of protein folding, leading to a need for a network of species that protect protein states that are susceptible to aggregation—the protein homeostasis network. We are working with colleagues and collaborators to understand the underlying mechanisms of protein homeostasis from the level of the molecular chaperone machines that act on protein clients to the coordinated action of the network in all of its complexity. We would love to witness and contribute to new discoveries related to these questions, both because of the fascinating basic science involved and because failures in these systems are implicated in a wide array of diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases.”

Kinetics and Mechanism of meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin Iron ..

Does anyone know the mechanism of the synthesis of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin

Mechanism for Synthesis of Tetraphenylporphyrin

In the process, it introduces the CuA center in four different systems---native protein systems, soluble protein truncates of native proteins, synthetic models using organic molecules, and biosynthetic models using proteins as ligands---with a greater emphasis on biosynthetic models of CuA, especially on new, deeper insights gained from their studies.

Mechanism of Acetaminophen Synthesis.

This study provides a methodology for uncoupling covalency from nonlocal electrostatics, which, when coupled to X-ray crystallographic data, distinguishes specific local interactions from more long-range protein/active interactions, while affording further insight into the second-sphere mechanisms available to the protein to tune the E0 of electron-transfer sites in biology.

319 | Peiwen Wu, Yang Yu, Claire E

Here, we review the contribution of protein engineering approaches, namely, the incorporation of unnatural amino acids and a biosynthetic CuA cofactor into the T1 copper protein azurin, to advancing the current understanding of how the unique structures of T1 copper and CuA centers confer their proteins with efficient and tailored ET properties.

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The weakened axial interactions in CuA appear to parallel the mechanism for protein control of electron transfer (ET) function observed in blue copper centers.

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