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I had a bilateral breast augmentation with saline implants in 2000 at the age of 37. Very happy with the results and had no problems after surgery.
BUT I HAVE NOT BEEN FEELING WELL SINCE THEN !!! When I see my primary physician all regular blood tests come out normal. For years took antidepressants because doctors said I was suffering from depression. Stop taking antidepressants in 2013. Then allergy tests said I was allergic to some trees and grass and pollen, so now I take allergy shots. I am 53 years old, post menopausal, and I’m taking hormones for post menopausal symptoms, but I still feel sick.
I feel many of the symptoms mentioned. I feel very tired, have no energy, have hair loss, have insomnia, and pain all over my body. Part of me wants to think all these symptoms are due to menopause and old age, but I truly think many of my symptoms are caused by the breast implants.
What should I do first? Where do I start? I don’t want to feel this way anymore.


19/11/1998 · Abstract: A temporary implanting prosthesis (110, 120, 130) is provided

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A temporary implanting prosthesis (110, 120, 130) has a mantle portion (120), and an implant portion (110) wherein the mantle portion (120), and implant portion (110) are sized and shaped so that the temporary implanting prosthesis (110, 120, 130) can replace any permanent prosthesis (200) in a set of permanent prostheses that have a similar size, and shape to the temporary implanting prosthesis (110, 120, 130).

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A preferred temporary implanting prosthesis (110, 120, 130) is made using a standardized mantle (120), a standardized implant (110) where each of these components is designed to replace mantle portions (210), and implant portions (220) of a set of permanent prostheses (200).

I used herbal drugs and some cream for breast enlargement now am having a sharp pain on my left breast
If you would like to create your own Crocheted Knockers, download our pattern and create your own crocheted temporary breast prostheses.

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I am a diagnostic mammographer from
Canada with 20 years of experience. I am doing some research for a friend with implants. Your site is very informative but I have to comment that mammography IS perfectly safe for women with implants. Mammography is still a useful tool in diagnosing early breast cancer along with ultrasound and MRI. Keep in mind however that the implants do impede visualizing all breast tissue (something that surgeons do not tell women before they get implants). Every modality sees and can detect different conditions. We use absolutely minimal compression for the pictures including the implant, just enough to hold you in place. We then take pictures where we only get your natural breast tissue, that is as much as we can working around the implant. The only time that we can not do a mammogram is if there is virtually no natural tissue and an encapsulated hard implant. If someone is concerned about having a mammogram, just tell the mammographer. We are all usually pretty compassionate ladies and will work with you to get good pictures without compromising your implants. Just make sure you are going to a facility that has experienced mammographers. If you think about it, you can lie on your stomach without rupturing your implants. We don’t use anywhere near that amount of compression when we image the implants. I agree that MRI is a far more sensitive test, but it’s very expensive and not used as a regular screening tool. Mammography is usually the first test, followed by ultrasound (which sees different things than mammograms do) and then MRI if needed. By advising women with implants to skip mammography you risk preventing early detection of breast cancer.

Mastectomy and lumpectomy are common surgery procedures for breast cancer treatment. CCQ can provide a soft temporary prosthesis. Learn more.

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Hi Carol,
Thank-you for writing your story. I will be 55 this month and have started to have pain not only in my breasts from saline implants that I’ve had since 1992 (25 years?) but seems to be impacting my muscles and joints. When I go to yoga or exercise at the gym I feel in so much pain afterwards. I am a disabled vet and had spinal surgery for a broken L5/S1 and fusion with permanent 8″ rods but have been active and mobile since I got out of active duty Army in 1992.
I am scheduled for a mammogram at the VA on 23 January and very nervous about the procedure. I have declined to have the procedure in the past because of the age of the implants and afraid they might rupture. Do you have any advice please? Thank-you.

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Hi there! I literally suffer from the exact same symptoms as Naty. I too am MTHRFR and was diagnosed 2 years after my gummy bear implants and breast lift due to my declining health. I live in Orange County and would appreciate if you could please email me or respond with some information about why the Newport Beach surgeon is so highly recommended. Also, is it possible to recover costs if my endocrinologist makes the recommendation for explantation due to illness? Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you SO MUCH for this site and all of your help with all of us women suffering.
Sincerely, Katy