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AB - We report here the first rapid parallel production of bioactive folded cyclotides by using Fmoc-based solid-phase peptide synthesis in combination with a "tea-bag" approach. Using this approach, we efficiently synthesized 15 analogues of the CXCR4 antagonist cyclotide MCo-CVX-5c. Cyclotides were synthesized in a single-pot, cyclization/folding reaction in the presence of reduced glutathione. Natively folded cyclotides were quickly purified from the cyclization/folding crude mixture by activated thiol Sepharose-based chromatography. The different folded cyclotide analogues were then tested for their ability to inhibit the CXCR4 receptor in a cell-based assay. The results indicated that this approach can be used for the efficient chemical synthesis of libraries of cyclotides with improved biological properties that can be easily interfaced with solution or cell-based assays for rapid screening.

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T1 - Rapid parallel synthesis of bioactive folded cyclotides by using a tea-bag approach
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Printed T-shirts and sweatshirts with Hebrew logos of Israeli Defense Forces (TZAHAL, IDF), Hebrew university, Jerusalem, Israeli sport teams. Aprons with Kosher and Jewish themes. Judaica gifts for Bar - Bat Mitzvah.

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Automated computerized cleaner for high rise buildings that cleans windows and other exterior building surfaces using pressurized water or steam. The cleaner is equipped with computer vision optics to monitor glass surface cleaning.

Systems for classroom or web based teaching with patented image processing technologies.
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Manufacturer of solar thermal collectors for heating, cooling, power and steam generation for industry and commerce. Solar power plants that co-generate heating and cooling.

Zija is the first to market moringa beverage

Tactical and counter-terrorism training centers and courses delivered by Israeli security and anti-terrorism experts. International training networks for protection officer, VIP protection operative and team leader.

Made of the moringa oleifera plant and is pure nutrition

Solutions for teaching Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) including software, hardware and multimedia curriculum for courses in fluid power, process control, robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and other subjects.

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Fabless semiconductors for connecting devices to IP-based networks. iChip updateable Internet Controller chips for embedding IP-based communication in low-cost non-PC devices running M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Wireless internet adapters.

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Magic consulting and training packages for software companies and in-house developer teams. DBAlert triggers events in response to chages in database, e.g. Copy file, execute SQL command, send E-mail or SMS.

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Israeli products from Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza). Jewelry, chains, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, personalized Hebrew names, silver watches. Judaica (mezuzot, chanukiot, kiddush cup, shabbat candle sticks, etc). Organic tea and spices.