“Alexa…..please re-order 30% peroxide and acetone”

(action: winces) Of course, now that it’s in the news, there are going to be people who for various (but insufficient) reasons say to themselves “Kewl. Let try that…” or even work up a binary munition to make TATP even more the National Molecule of Violent Radicals everywhere than it is now.

Acetone peroxide is an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive


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Acetone Peroxide can be made from common easily obtainable items - Acetone, Hydrogen Peroxide and a catalyst such as sulphuric acid. AP is usually used as a primary explosive (detonator) and never used as a main filler explosive, due to it's sensitivity. AP will easily detonate in contact with fire, heat or friction. When ignited in small amounts, it creates a large fireball. When confined or large amounts are used, it detonates without any flame. AP is one of the most friction sensitive explosive known, and great care is needed to handle this explosive. Furthermore, as with other explosive peroxides, AP is very volatile. If left 10 days at RTP, almost 50% of the sample will completely volatize. Due to it's vaporizable nature, it would have to be used almost immediately after manufacture. Mixtures of R.D.X. and Picric acid with acetone peroxide are reported to be used between primary explosive and the base charge. Mixtures such as picric acid / acetone peroxide (40/60) or similar mixtures with R.D.X. and P.E.T.N. will give explosives greatly increased resistance to impact without losing much performance. These dried crystals would be ready to load into detonators for immediate use as the storage stability is not very good.

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• October 2010: Three hazmat team members in North Carolina were injured while assisting bomb squad members at a location suspected of manufacturing triacetone triperoxide (TATP).

Other TATP detection methods have ..

All the instructions are fairly simple, and while following them might be extremely dangerous - an estimated 40 Palestinians have died while making TATP - experts say most of the mixtures would be effective.

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The team also recently showed that this detection strategy works quickly and reliably in an inexpensive handheld prototype device that exhibits sensitivity to TATP in the low parts-per-billion range ( 2015, DOI: ).

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Any of these detection methods—and others under development, —can alert a security officer to the presence of TATP. As Oxley points out, TATP is fairly easy to detect because it has a relatively high vapor pressure and is therefore volatile. But these methods can succeed only if the source of the explosive—a suitcase, car, or terrorist’s contaminated clothing or hair—is screened.

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AP has several different forms, di-, tri- and tetra peroxides. Power and stability increases with size of molecule, meaning that tetrameric peroxide is most powerful and stable, while dimeric is the opposite. The ratios of these isomers depend on reaction conditions during synthesis. Many have been killed or severely injured while trying to synthesis AP. The most common error is that of temperature. When making the tricycloacetone peroxide, temperature must be less than 10°C at all times, otherwise dicycloacetone peroxide may be formed, which is extremely unstable and so sensitive that it has practically no uses at all - dicycloacetone peroxide has been known to explode spontaneously.

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TATP can also be detected via fluorescence methods. , a major instrument maker with headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon, manufactures a handheld device, Fido X3, capable of detecting numerous explosives, including TATP. As an air sample is drawn into the device, explosive analyte molecules bind with specially designed conjugated aromatic polymers, causing a large change in a fluorescence signal.

TATP was corroborated with GC measurements ..

Recently, Suslick’s group demonstrated that the device can distinguish TATP from other peroxides and can distinguish one synthesis procedure from another by detecting residual impurities. That information, which can determine, for example, the type of acid used as a catalyst to synthesize TATP, may assist law enforcement in identifying the bomb maker ( 2015, DOI: ).