In analog synthesizers, VCAs are actually controlled by wires carrying electrical current. There are no real wires carrying voltage inside a virtual synthesizer, but people often call virtual amplitude controls VCAs anyway. With many synthesizers, most of the VCAs are beneath the hood and we don't need to worry too hard about where they are or how they're controlled, but it's important to know how they work.




I have played Baldwin organs at a time when they were still marketed and in my opinion, for what it is worth, they were pretty good in relative terms. That is to say, they sounded significantly better on the whole than the general run of analogue organs by other manufacturers, and they were only beaten by a few custom built instruments in which cost was not a factor. It would not be true to say they sounded as good as a good digital organ today, but they compared favourably with the early Allen digitals in the 1970’s. Nor, of course, did they sound indistinguishable from a pipe organ, but that is true for all pipeless organs. To my ears they also sounded much better and more natural than the cloying tone of the more expensive Compton Electrone which, like the Hammond, also relied on attempts at additive synthesis with insufficient numbers of harmonics.”

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The focus of this project is in exploring the main themes of electronic instrument design and development previous to 1970 (and therefore isn’t intended as an exhaustive list of recent commercial synthesisers or software packages.) As well as creating a free, encyclopaedic, pedagogical resource on the History of Electronic Music (and an interesting list for Synthesiser Geeks) my main interest is to expose and explore musical, cultural and political narratives within the historical structure and to analyse the successes and failures of the electronic music ‘project’, for example;


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Synthesisers are the heart and soul of electronic music. Whatever squelchy, space-age, brain-melting sound you want to create... any of one of these synthesisers will help you along the way. If you want to emulate the music of Kraftwerk, The Prodigy or Faithless, get your hands on one of these magical rectangular piano-look-a-likes from outer space. They’ll take your brain to another dimension.

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These filters have a number of attributes over which we have some control. For low pass and high pass filters, we can change the cutoff frequency, allowing control of the range of frequencies affected. Running a lead synthesizer through a low pass filter and slowly moving the cutoff frequency from high to low and back is a popular technique used in electronic dance music.

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One way we can control signals within a synthesizer is by using a module called an . When an envelope generator receives an "on" gate signal, it sends out a new signal that can be used to control another module. Unlike an oscillator, which repeats its signal over and over again, an envelope generator sends out its signal only once. Like an oscillator, we can look at the signal produced by an envelope generator on a time domain graph:

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In order to get the most mileage out of our synthesizer, we need a way of controlling each of its components internally. While many synthesizers have myriad knobs and buttons for controlling the sound, most people only have two hands, and it's difficult to accurately twist more than one or two knobs at a time. Fortunately, almost every module in a synthesizer can be controlled by another module. Our imaginary synthesizer does this already: the frequency of the oscillator and the volume level of the VCA are controlled by our keyboard.

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Almost every commercially available synthesizer and music synthesis software package operates using these basic principles. With this knowledge and some ingenuity, you'll never have to use a horrible synth preset again.