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If you're looking for a genre where the songs are primarily computer-synthesized music, I'd call that "electronic music", but this usually comes with some implicit awareness that you're referring to a particular style of music. e.g., most people think of electronic music along the lines of techno, EDM, chiptune, etc., whereas they might not classify a transcription of "classical music" played in MIDI as electronic music.

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 |  |  |  |  |  | Musical sound synthesis has a long history spanning more than half acentury [,,].

Infants' attention to synthesised baby music and …

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Other practical benefits include the ability to transpose music without changing its duration, to change its tempo without changing its pitch, or change the synthetic instruments used to perform the piece of music. Drawbacks include the inability to easily include a recorded voice part or played instrument along with the MIDI sequenced sound, but on the other hand, the music can be easily synchronized with multimedia events in a production.

This book covers a sub-field of Music Technology called sound synthesis
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