the body cannot synthesize vitamin E

Many a marketing sales pitch will tell you that diosgenin is a precursor to progesterone and the body is capable of converting. You’ll remember in a previous chapter we outlined how diosgenin, derived from Wild Yam and/or Soy, is synthesised in the laboratory with the aid of an enzyme to render it a modecule your body can interpret. How then can the body convert this raw substance into a human hormone once it enters the body? The fact is it cannot. There is no enzyme in the body to do this. One popular brand of Wild Yam Extract cream making these claims here in Australia was put to the test by a reputed research institute and found that there was no evidence that the body could convert diosgenin into natural progesterone.

Vitamin D is synthesised by body from| Animal …

What fat-soluble vitamin is synthesised by the body

What fat-soluble vitamin is synthesised by the body?

Our body's absorption of energy (photons) from the sun to create Vitamin D may be as significant to animal life (all animals generate Vitamin D from the sun) as the process of photosynthesis is necessary for plant life. The process of plant photosynthesis also uses the energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water into organic compounds, especially sugars. In photosynthesis, plants release oxygen as a waste product. As well as maintaining the normal level of oxygen in the atmosphere, nearly all life either depends on photosynthesis directly as a source of energy, or indirectly as the ultimate source of the energy in their food.

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The effects of sun exposure are paradoxical with (i) skin cell DNA damage risk increasing with excessive sun exposure over decades on the one hand, and (ii) the essential health needs of Vitamin D synthesis from sun exposure on the other. In fair skinned individuals, maximum possible Vitamin D synthesis can occur within a few minutes of mid day summer sun exposure. Yet, Over the course of two decades, Vitamin D levels have dramatically decreased among Americans. Since sunlight is the body's major source of Vitamin D, increases in sunscreen, sun avoidance, and overall decreased outdoor activity, while successful in reducing skin cancers, has probably reduced vitamin D levels in the population.

Niacin can be obtained from foods as vitamins itself or synthesized in the body from the ..

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The very fact that progesterone is derived from Mexican Wild Yam is coincidental. Since the 1940’s scientists have been using soya beans, wild yams and other plants from the tuber family to make progesterone. To make natural progesterone, Wild Yam Extract must be taken into the laboratory and synthesised with the aid of an enzyme, rendering it a hormone. This laboratory conversion is necessary because, as we stated above, the body has no means by which to convert the raw plant sterols into progesterone.

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