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Synthesize definition, to form (a material or abstract entity) by combining parts or He is unable to maintain himself at their level, to synthesize them, to reduce .

Xcode will auto synthesise an iVar as if you had written...

Origin of synthesisClassical Greek from syn-, together + tithenai, to place, do

There is only one time that auto synthesise does not work.

Let's stop talking about Xcode. Xcode is an IDE. clang is a compiler. This feature we are discussing is called autosynthesis of properties and it's an , which is the default compiler used by Xcode.
Just to make it clear, if you switch to gcc in Xcode, you won't benefit from this feature (regardless from the Xcode version.) In the same way if you use a text editor and compile using clang from the command line, you will.

They will synthesise all your data on a single graph.

this is a case in which the directive is not automatically inserted by the compiler, but this properties cannot be manually synthesized either. While categories can declare properties, they cannot be synthesized at all, since categories cannot create ivars. For the sake of completeness, I'll add that's it's still possible .

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Except for the last three cases, the general philosophy is that whenever you manually specify all the information about a property (by implementing all the accessor methods or using ) the compiler will assume you want full control over the property and it will disable the autosynthesis on it.

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3. select appropriate information using technologies; make valid judgments and synthesise information from a range of sources; access, evaluate and synthesise diverse information for intelligent business application

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Origin of synthesisLatin collection from Greek sunthesis from suntithenai to put together sun- syn- tithenai to put ; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.

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Some bacteria require sulphur or other chemicals in place of oxygen
and may be attracted toward these.

Bacteria may also show other responses to stimuli, apart from kinetic responses - they may secrete
materials, switch genes on or off and so synthesise new proteins, etc.

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You are fine if you just override the setter or if you just override the getter. But if you do both then the compiler won't understand it and you will need to synthesise it manually.

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Property synthesis is required when a property is declared in a protocol. It will not be automatically synthesized in an implementing interface.

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In other words, although synthesize is for practical purposes never necessary*, it can be used to define property-backing instance variables when you're providing a getter/setter. You can decide which form here you want to use.