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Day 5 of PTH. Hiking in the Yellow River Ravine section of the Florid Trail when suddenly I realize the are becoming part of me. So I'm starting to see as them. Everything looks so new. It has always been that way for me, though. Everything is so fantastic, so unique, so full of possibilities. It's like I'm getting mystsynthesized. Completely involved galacticizing. Parts of me, people, actually consciousness spores.

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Hiking, suddenly, mystsynthesis. How am I going to do that? Fumaroles?!

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2009: I had insight into possible symbiosis with the photobiont and the mycobiont in Deer Lichen. See the movie . See . Caroling senses my joy, my bliss, my closeness as component of enlightenment. I bring this to all photosynthesizing. Evolutionary thrust. Look into that as purpose enablers or directors of algae.

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Working outdoors, then started feeling communion with the deer lichen. Not only the spreading of vibes from earthball receivers, but the mystsynthesis blending with the photosynthesis. It is like speaking deer lichen. A language I'm not able to translate, but it is a permeable interface. Maybe more than language as is not just symbolic. Is evolutionary materials in a sense. Maybe something like hormones turning on keys in a cell. The word is neurotransmitter. This is more like psychotransmission. It is doing something with the inherent connectivity of everything. Creative, adaptive, evolutionary and fun. Do not negate importance of the fun factor in anything.

I included previous mystsynthesis comments and the following items in :

In additive synthesis many simple waveforms ..

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) will host a nine-day short course covering the basic principles of using Bayesian models to gain insight from data. Click to read complete opportunity details.

Sync Sync is used a variety of ways in synthesizers.

Also, accuratemouth shapes can be animated from data supplied by the synthesizer.

TheSoftVoice system utilizes letter-to-sound rules, a numeric pre-processor, and adictionary to determine proper word pronunciation.

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It does have something to do with mystsynthesis. I wonder if this is an activation of pineal. It seems like what my life has been for. It seems like the most important thing I can do. Earlier I thought that Leo and I are the same being. And Elizabeth. I guess our family reminds us that we're all the same being, just playing parts in this left-brain drama. I don't think it is just left. I think the right furnishes the color and pictures.

Thefirst, commercially available, all-software text-to-speech synthesizerfor microcomputers was written by the people at SoftVoice in 1979.

Synthesis error in VHDL clock synchronizer

As opposed to the (demi-syllable, diphone, etc.)in which pre-recorded pieces of speech are spliced together, formant synthesisis not restricted to a single sounding (or minimally modifiable) vocalpersonality, nor is it constrained to a narrow pitch range.

Forgot the part about myst and mist synthesis as something like photosynthesis in lichens/algae. Myster and Mistress do mystsynthesis.

Synopsys synthesis-based test solution

This principle was turned into reality by the "father of theanalogue synthesizer", Robert Moog, who produced the firstcommercially available synthesizer in the sixties.

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SoftVoice even has extensive singing support!

Duringspeech, the programmer can elect to receive a variety of different messages backfrom the synthesizer.